AMEDAMA Demo Update Adds Character Voices, Controller Vibration

    IzanagiGames to host a special AMEDAMA livestream on March 14.

    IzanagiGames and Acquire announced a new update to the AMEDAMA demo adds character voices and controller vibration support. Several quality-of-life improvements were made ahead of the game’s Steam Early Access launch on March 22.

    Shortly after Tokyo Game Show 2023, a free AMEDAMA demo was released on PC via Steam, allowing players at home to try out the game for themselves. AMEDAMA was subsequently delayed to early 2024, as the developers worked toward narrowing down a release date.

    AMEDAMA Demo Update and Steam Livestream

    The new update for the AMEDAMA demo features character voices, controller vibration, and expanded pause menu functionality. Moreover, the update optimizes the user interface, menus, in-game effects, and overall performance. Minor bug fixes were applied with the update as well. All of these improvements will be available in the Steam Early Access version

    On March 14 at 2:00 a.m. PDT, IzanagiGames will host a special livestream on Steam to showcase the updated AMEDAMA demo. Game producer Kon Umeda will introduce the updates and features of the game during the stream.

    In addition, IzanagiGames will open a 2,500 yen Steam Gift Card giveaway. Follow the official AMEDAMA Global Twitter  account on and add the game to the Steam wishlist for a chance to win one of five gift cards.

    Replying with a supportive message and the hashtag #AMEDAMA increases the chances to win. The giveaway will last from March 14 to April 30 at 6:59 a.m. PDT. Winners will be selected in a fair draw, and DMs will be sent from the game’s official Twitter account.

    The Steam Early Access version of AMEDAMA will be available on March 22 for $24.99. From March 22 to April 5, Steam users may purchase the game with a 10% discount during the Early Access Launch Sale. Players will have access to the entire game during Early Access, and minor adjustments and features will be implemented based on user feedback. 

    AMEDAMA is a very promising new action game, as noted in Final Weapon’s AMEDAMA demo preview. Lastly, here’s an overview of AMEDAMA, via the official Steam page:


    Yushin and his sister Yui run the local umbrella shop. One evening, as rain falls outside, a group of men burst in, killing Yushin before Yui’s eyes. With nothing but his soul remaining, Yushin must fight tooth and nail, possessing any body he can on the quest to find his sister and uncover the truth behind her disappearance. With only seven days left before his soul fades away, can he save her in time? Transport yourself to feudal Japan in the last years of the Edo period, and experience a tale of rain and reincarnation, brought to life with striking new 2D visuals.

    Key Features

    • Soul-Shifting Showdowns: Lacking a physical form, you’ll need to shift your soul to other bodies on the quest to find your sister. Possession puts you in complete control of whoever and whatever you inhabit, giving you access to a variety of weapons and fighting styles. Depending on your current body, you’ll face different foes and encounter new faces on your incorporeal journey.
    • Reincarnation, Repercussions: As you relive the same seven day period over and over again, your choices will impact the story unfolding around you. Who will you speak to? How will you intervene? The decisions, and the outcomes, are all up to you.
    • Inclement Intrigue: This human drama plays out against the rain-soaked backdrop of mid 19th century Japan, rendered in an evocative pixel style. In the sombre world of AMEDAMA, beauty and darkness are two sides of the same coin.


    • Development / Marketing: IzanagiGames
    • Planning: ACQUIRE
    • Character design: lack (Fate/Grand Order, Touken Ranbu)
    • Soundtrack: Yuko Komiyama (Monster Hunter series)
    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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