Loren Allred & Nobuo Uematsu conTIKI Perform “No Promises to Keep” on The First Take

    Loren Allred & Nobuo Uematsu conTIKI have appeared on Episode 416 of The First Take today, sharing a new live rendition of “No Promises to Keep”, the theme song of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

    For those unfamiliar, The First Take is a YouTube channel that highlights new performances each week. Each episode features a live rendition of a song, but only one take is allowed. This is the take that is uploaded to their YouTube channel, and it’s always a treat to experience each episode.

    You can take a listen to this incredible rendition of “No Promises to Keep” below via The First Take on YouTube:

    Back in December, Nobuo Uematsu said the following on “No Promises to Keep” after its reveal: “As depicted in the song ‘Aerith’s Theme,’ Aerith has had a bit of an ill-fated and ephemeral impression within me,” said Uematsu. “I understood from the beginning that this song is also related to Aerith, but the poignant melody from ‘Aerith’s Theme’ does not appear in this song. I wanted to depict the opposite of this, the strength at her core, hidden within Aerith’s heart. As I listened to the recording over and over again once it was finished, Aerith, who until then was a resident of a fantasy world, now began to feel like a real human being in the flesh. Loren Allred’s vocals, sometimes ephemeral and other times passionate and powerful, surely give life to the existence of Aerith. It has been a while since I’ve written a ballad that feels uniquely my own, and I’m happy to have done so. Thank you, Aerith.”

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is available now for PlayStation 5. “No Promises to Keep” serves as the game’s theme song, featuring during the Gold Saucer play and end credits sequence.

    Live performances of the music of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth don’t stop here. Additionally, the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Orchestra World Tour was announced last week and will feature performances in dozens of cities across the world. Check out details here to see ticket information and more.

    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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