Honey Lemon Soda Confirmed for January 2025 Premiere

    Airing on Fuji TV's +Ultra programming block.

    Fuji TV recently announced that the upcoming Honey Lemon Soda anime adaptation will premiere in January 2025. The series will air on the company’s +Ultra programming block.

    Mayu Murata initially wrote Honey Lemon Soda in 2015. Shueisha and Yen Press have both been publishing the series ever since, with the manga still ongoing to this day. Further, a live action adaptation released in 2021. The upcoming series, initially announced in early March 2024, will be its first foray into animation.

    Honey Lemon Soda Set for January 2025 Debut

    Honey Lemon Soda Manga Getting Anime Adaptation

    During a recent livestream from Fuji TV, the company confirmed that the upcoming Honey Lemon Soda anime adaptation will air in January 2025. The series will release on Fuji TV’s +Ultra programming block. The cast and Western distributor of the upcoming series is currently unknown. However, we do know the staff members that will be attached to the series. According to Anime News Network, they include the following:

    • Director: Hiroshi Nishikiori
    • Studio: J.C.STAFF
    • Series Composition: Akiko Waba
    • Character Designer: Aimi Tanaka
    • Composer: Akira Kosemura
    • Producer: UNLIMITED PRODUCE by TMS

    The entirety of the series thus far is available on Yen Press. They describe the first volume of the series as follows:

    Uka Ishimori has one dream in life: to have fun in high school! As a self-avowed dense, stone-faced introvert who spent all of middle school hardening her heart against a daily barrage of bullying, breaking out of her shell is easier said than done. Luckily, she’s not alone—Kai Miura, a classmate whose blond hair reminds her of the lemon soda he so enjoys, has her back. Step by step, she endeavors to cast off the shadows of her past and reinvigorate her life!

    Lastly, the Honey Lemon Soda anime adaptation will premiere in January 2025.

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