Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – Item Transmuter Guide

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth introduces a new crafting mechanic that involves an item called the Item Transmuter. Using this handy gadget will let you turn raw materials into useful items! Even gear and quest items! Mastering this doo dad will grant you many benefits. Use our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Item Transmuter Guide to get your crafting journey started!

    Be sure to read our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Review. You can find more information about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth directly from the game’s website. Visit the PlayStation Store page to purchase the game or try out the demo if you’re on the fence!

    Gathering Items

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - Lifespring

    For starters, you can’t exactly make anything without the proper materials! As you scour Gaia’s verdant planes, craggy mountains, and various settlements you’ll come across all kinds of stuff you can pick up. Just grab everything you see, it’ll surely come in handy eventually. Lifesprings have a lot of materials, so hunting those down will help. You can even grab items while on chocoback. Some materials used in Item Transmutation are dropped from monsters, so getting into a brawl here and there wouldn’t be a bad idea. Some materials you need for certain items are dropped by rare monsters. I recommend keeping up with your World Intel for that purpose. 

    Item Transmuter Basics

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - Item Transmuter

    Now that you have some materials, you can get to crafting! It’s as easy as selecting an item from the list and holding the ‘X button’. You gain experience when crafting new items. This will level up your Craftsmanship and allow you to craft more items. If you discover enough Lifesprings in each region, you’ll gain access to an excavation objective. If you go to the specified area with a chocobo you can dig up transmuter chips, which give you access to more recipes. Before you know it, you’ll be crafting new gear, items, and even upgrading stuff!

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