Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – World Intel Basics Guide

    Chadley has also escaped Midgar. His ever studious mind once again requires Cloud to assist him with doing the heavy lifting...

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the newest entry in the 25-year-old Final Fantasy VII subseries. Through several games, novels, and more, this particular FF mythos has only gotten deeper. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is not only overflowing with content, but that content loops back around into the story and lore. Discovering things in the world and completing research tasks is integral to expanding your knowledge on this deep narrative. Use our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth World Intel Basics Guide to introduce you to the swathes of content and lore within the game!

    Be sure to read our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Review. You can find more information about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth directly from the game’s website. Visit the PlayStation Store page to purchase the game or try out the demo if you’re on the fence!

    Remnawave Towers

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - World Intel tower

    Each region has several towers that Cloud and company can access. The tower scans the surrounding area and handily adds any nearby Intel Tasks on your map. I highly recommend hitting up every tower you possibly can as it will add these side objectives to your map, allowing you to easily travel to and keep track of these tasks.

    Intel Tasks

    You can clearly see a variety of Intel Tasks from your map screen once you use the Remnawave Towers. There are several tabs that contain lists and other important information pertaining to World Intel.

    Lifespring Surveys

    Lifesprings contain valuable lore about the region and can lead to excavation sites that have additional Transmuter Chips for more crafting goodness once you discover enough of them. Each region also has a special type of owl that will lead you to them if you just can’t make sense of your map. As a nice bonus, lifesprings also have a TON of materials around them. Nice incentive! 

    Protorelic Salvaging

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is already oozing with side content, ranging from the other World Intel tasks to quests. This particular subset of World Intel tasks is in fact like a quest line. These tasks involve more story elements than the other tasks, making them extremely satisfying to see through!

    Combat Assignments

    There are several unique mutations of monsters that you normally fight roaming throughout the world. MIA, Chadley’s AI assistant, will give you some nice bestiary-esque quotes about these rare creatures as you search for them. Each of these battles also has some missions to accomplish during the fight. Completing these battles will, of course, earn you some nice experience points and materials but also expand Chadley’s combat simulator.

    Crystal Analysis

    These Crystals contain knowledge of the current region’s signature summon. Finding and analyzing these crystals will not only unlock a new battle simulator fight against said summon but also give you the chance to gain a materia to summon them! Also, the more of these crystals you analyze the stronger that material gets! There are glowy rock formations that you can break to help lead you to the caverns the crystals rest in. So, if your map doesn’t suffice break the nearby rocks!

    Moogle Intel

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - Mooglet Catching Minigame Guide

    Moogle Medals return as a collectible currency from Remake. However, Moogles actually play a non-summon role this time. Keep an eye out for the Mog Houses populating Gaia. Our Moooglet Catching Guide will give you the rundown on what you need to do to spend your hard-earned medals at these secret shops.


    World Intel makes up a sizable chunk of the game’s side content. Completing these tasks helps ensure that you get the most out of the game. Not to mention, you get tons of treasure, experience, money, and more! As you deepen your understanding of the world of Gaia you can also boost your strength with the material Chadley hooks you up with for completing his tasks. There are also ways to test your mettle with the various combat missions and simulations. 

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a huge game with tons of content. Pay our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Compendium Guide a visit to get all the information you could ever need or want!

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