Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – How to Unlock the Ferryboat Service

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has an incredibly large world, bursting with life and things to do. Every corner has something that can keep you occupied. There are quests, battles, lore, and landmarks just begging you to engage with them. However, traveling all of this world only on foot would be incredibly time-consuming. Especially if you want to travel between regions. Use our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Ferryboat Service Guide to help you learn all about efficient traveling!

    Be sure to read our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Review. You can find more information about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth directly from the game’s website. Visit the PlayStation Store page to purchase the game or try out the demo if you’re on the fence!

    What is it For?

    Since you can only fast-travel to locations within your current region, using the ferryboat is your only way to be able to return to certain areas you have previously been to. Especially if you’re at the point in the story where you’re on a different continent. Good luck trying to fast travel to the Grasslands if you’re in Corel! You could hoof it all the way back to some other region, but you’d be SOL if you wanted to cross the ocean.

    How to Unlock the Ferryboat Service

    Starting in Chapter 7, you can visit dock areas and pay for the ferryboat service. Spending the paltry fee of 300 gil will allow you to revisit several old locations. You cruised on over to these other continents so it makes sense you can go back the same way! Plus, the ferry can take you to more places than the chocobo carriage. What an upgrade! For the same price to boot!

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a huge game with tons of content. Pay our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Compendium Guide a visit to get all the information you could ever need or want!

    Payne Grist
    Payne Grist
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