Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – All Piano Sheet Music Locations Guide

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth revives the silly minigames that the original game was renowned for. Every nook and cranny, main story and side content, contains several side activities for you to indulge in. One of the main minigames is completely optional and spans the length of the entire game. The piano minigame! Who knew Cloud had musical talent? You can just dilly dally shilly shally on the keys to your heart’s content, but wouldn’t playing some proper melodies be great? Use our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth All Piano Sheet Music Locations Guide to locate some classic FFVII tunes for the piano!

    Be sure to read our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Review. You can find more information about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth directly from the game’s website. Visit the PlayStation Store page to purchase the game or try out the demo if you’re on the fence!

    The ‘Key’ to Playing Piano

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - Piano

    A lot of the major towns in the game have a piano located somewhere within them. Luckily for you, finding most of the sheet music is as easy as finding the pianos. Each piano has a piece of sheet music resting upon it, waiting to be collected and played. You can free-play the piano or use the sheet music to trigger a rhythm minigame. You play notes by flicking the two sticks in the proper direction at the right time. During free-play, you can even change the sets of notes manually. Don’t worry, during the actual rhythm minigame, it is automatically changed for you! Now, get some practice and master the piano! Hmm, this is kind of like FFV…

    Piano Sheet Music Locations

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - Piano rewards

    Oh yeah, if you get at least an ‘A-Rank’ on a piece Dorian will reward you! May as well practice, huh?

    • “On Our Way”
      • Chapter 4 onward, complete the quest ‘When Words Won’t Do’ to gain access to the Crow’s nest. The sheet music is on the piano in this town.
        • Rewards: HP Up Materia (lvl 2)
    • “Tifa’s Theme” 
      • Found at the piano in Costa Del Sol’s hotel. 
        • Rewards: MP Up Materia (lvl 2)
    • “Barret’s Theme” 
      • Found in the Rock Bottom Bar in North Corel in Chapter 7.
        • Rewards: Warding Materia (lvl 2)
    • “Cinco de Chocobo” 
      • Found in Gongag on Laurel Hill. 
        • Rewards: Steadfast Block Materia (lvl 2)
    • “Two Legs? Nothin’ To It” 
      • Found in the Water Grotto Inn at Cosmo Canyon. 
        • Rewards: Empowerment Materia (lvl 2)
    • “Aerith’s Theme” 
      • This song is found at Tifa’s Piano in Nibelheim when you visit it later in the game (not the Chapter 1 flashback).
        • Rewards: Binding Materia (lvl 3)
    • “Let the Battles Begin!” 
      • This sheet music is obtained after the previous songs, as you must ‘A-Rank’ each other song. Once you have done that, talk to Dorian to claim this song.
        • Rewards: Healing Materia (lvl 4), and a special key item
    • “One-Winged Angel” 
      • This song requires the most out of the player, as you must do all 88 of Johnny’s Treasure Trove Items. The song can then be claimed back at Costa Del Sol.

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a huge game with tons of content. Pay our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Compendium Guide a visit to get all the information you could ever need or want!

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