Mysterious Disappearances Anime Airing on April 10

    New cast and theme song artists revealed.

    Kadokawa has recently announced that the upcoming Mysterious Disappearances anime adaptation will air on April 10. They also released a new promo confirming more members of the series’ cast, while also revealing the artists behind the opening and ending themes.

    Nujima initially wrote Mysterious Disappearances in 2019. Shogakukan and Seven Seas Entertainment both publish the series in Japan and the West, respectively. The anime’s staff have confirmed more details about the upcoming anime adaptation in their latest promo.

    Mysterious Disappearances Premiering in April, New Cast Members Revealed

    Mysterious Disappearances Key Art

    Kadokawa recently revealed a new promo video for the upcoming Mysterious Disappearances anime adaptation. The promo reveals more members’ of the series cast, the theme song artists, and a premiere date of April 10. Yuyu will perform the OP, “Hazard Symbol,” while Nonoka Ōbuchi will perform the ending, “Shuku Somete Shinzō” (Scarlet-Dyed Heart).

    Check out the new promo video below:

    The cast and staff of the series are as follows:


    • Fairouz Ai as Sumireko Ogawa
    • Daiki Yamashita as Ren Adashino
    • Eri Yukimura as Oto Adashino
    • Yui Horie as Manami Uname
    • Rie Takahashi as Shizuku
    • Saya Aizawa as Nodoka Ametsuchi
    • Yūya Uchida as Jikū no Ossan


    • Director/Series Composition: Tomomi Mochizuki
    • Studio: Zero-G
    • Character Designer: Takuya Tani
    • Prop Design: Hiyori Denforword Akishino
    • Art Director: Toshiyuki Sakae
    • Color Design: Miyoko Ichinose
    • Compositing Director of Photography: Tomomi Saitō
    • Editing: Masaki Utsunomiya
    • Sound Director: Fumiyuki Go
    • Sound Effects: Noriko Izumo
    • Sound Production: dugout
    • Music: Kayo Konishi, Yukio Kondoo
    • Music Production: Flying Dog

    About Mysterious Disappearances

    Seven Seas Entertainment describes the series on their website:

    A novelist teams up with a demonic colleague to solve supernatural urban mysteries–and don’t miss the anime!

    Mysteries aren’t just secrets, they’re objects! There is the Elixir of the Moon, which restores one’s youth! The Songs of Another World, which must never be uttered aloud. The Curious Report of the Enchanted Land, which contains the testimonies of those who have been spirited away! And now, in Tokyo, these mysteries and more are reappearing in the form of urban legends. Burnt-out novelist Ogawa Sumireko and demon boy Adashino Ren are out to collect as many as possible, but Sumireko has a knack for not just finding but triggering the magical effects of the mysteries! Will she survive her brush with the supernatural?! Does the demonic Ren have other plans for her?!

    Lastly, the Mysterious Disappearances anime will air on April 10.

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