Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising – 4 Essential Tips to Defeat Siegfried

    No, not the SoulCalibur Siegfried

    Siegfried is a powerful character in Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising, so learning how to defeat him is crucial. After reading this article, you will be comfortable fighting against him. This article will cover how to deal with Siegfried’s unique attacks and review his strengths. This article is essential to read if you want to get back into the online ranks and defeat every Siegfried in your path.

    Disclaimer: There will be notations I will use in this guide to describe specific attacks. If you find yourself confused at any of these points, use the guide below as a guidance:

    Defeating Siegfried in Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising – Dealing with Orkan

    Siegfried using his Orkan skill in Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising

    Siegfried’s Orkan attack is a close-range special move with various follow-ups. Doing this from a combo can grant him nice damage, especially in the corner. If he does it on your block, he can proceed to four follow-ups that accomplish different things:

    • The L follow-up is a fast high attack that is safe on block
    • The M follow-up parries any attacks except projectiles, overheads, or supers.
    • The H follow-up is a double-slash that does good damage and allows for more combos in the corner.
    • The U follow-up is a command grab

    Keeping all of this in mind, the best thing to do against this move is to crouch block all the follow-ups. Crouch blocking allows the L follow-up to whiff, opening up an opportunity for you to punish afterward. The H follow-up is minus on block, so you can take your turn after crouch blocking it and start offense. The M follow-up won’t parry anything since you chose to crouch block instead of attack. Finally, you can react to the command grab follow-up and jump over it. By crouch blocking everything, you can simultaneously deal with all the follow-ups and act accordingly.

    Dealing with the Medium and Heavy Versions of Nelah Nev

    Siegfried using his Nelah Nev skill in Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising

    Siegfried’s Nelah Nev is one of the strongest fireballs in the game, granting him massive stage control. In particular, the heavy and medium versions of Nelah Nev are slow-moving projectiles. They are so slow that Siegfried can walk behind them slightly after throwing them out. Many Siegfried players will run and do 66L after executing Nelah Nev to easily start offense.

    To counter Nelah Nev itself, it’s safer to react and beat it if your character can. Depending on your character, you might have a super or special attack that allows you to deal with it on reaction. For example, some characters have fireballs that can clash with Siegfried’s fireball. I highly suggest going into training mode and seeing if you have any super attacks or fireballs that can clash with or beat the medium and heavy versions of Nelah Nev.

    For an easier and more general way to beat it, get in the range where you can block the heavy or medium fireball and poke the opponent out of their 66L attempt. As stated before, many Siegfried players will try to run up and do 66L after doing medium or heavy Nelah Nev. You can hit them out of this using a poke. Every character has different pokes that work against this attack, so figure out which works best.

    Dealing with Verdrangen

    Siegfried using his Verdrangen skill in Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising

    Verdrangen is a huge slash that slams the opponent to the ground. The light version is quick and sends the opponent far away. The medium version can be charged, and if you counter-hit the opponent, you can go into great combos. The heavy version can also be charged but is way quicker. Siegfried players will generally use this attack after throwing out a poke in neutral.

    To manage this special move, it’s better to block the other versions and react to the medium version with a spotdodge. After blocking the light and heavy versions, Siegfried cannot take another action afterward because he is minus on block. This means that you can take your turn after you block these versions. However, with the medium version, he is plus on block. It’s better to react to the medium version and spotdodge so that not only will the Siegfried player not be plus, but you can punish it afterward.

    Siegfried’s Goal in the Match

    In fighting games, getting your opponent in the corner is the entire goal of a match. Your damage output is much greater in this position, and your opponent cannot whiff punish your pokes. This means that you can pester your opponent with pokes and hit-confirm into crazy combos. In Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising, this concept still applies, especially with Siegfried.

    Siegfried is a character that really shines in the corner. While it is true that this is everyone’s strong position, Siegfried is one of the characters that has exclusive tools built for corner play. Siegfried’s ultimate version of his Orkan can take the opponent straight to the corner no matter where on the screen he is. He also has a damage buffer skill called “Manigance”, which increases his damage output at the cost of some health. With these tools in mind, it’s easy to see that Siegfried’s goal is to get you in the corner with some Manigance equipped and fish for high-damage situations like pokes, anti-airs, and meaties.

    When playing against this character, your overall goal is not to get put into the corner, as this is where he has the highest chance of killing you quickly. Be aware of when he has 50% or more meter, as this means he has the ultimate skill Orkan on deck. Any anti-air, poke, or hit he does to you can convert into this powerful skill, so tread lightly.

    Defeating Siegfried in Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising – Last Pieces of Advice

    Take the time to implement these tips into your gameplay. Once you have them as part of your muscle memory, you will quickly be comfortable fighting against Siegfried. Stay tuned for more guides and tips on Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising!

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