Street Fighter 6 Reveals 1.011 Patch Notes, Ed Joins the Roster

    Huge balance adjustments!

    Street Fighter 6 revealed both the patch notes for update 1.011 and new information on Ed’s addition to the roster. This news comes from Street Fighter‘s official X/Twitter account.

    Patch 1.011 is a highly anticipated update to Street Fighter 6. The game has not had a massive patch since Rashid’s release in the summer of 2023. Players anticipated many character and mechanics changes to provide a fresh new experience. Now that the patch is here, here is a look at what’s new.

    Street Fighter 6 Update 1.011 Patch Notes and Ed’s Arrival

    Ed looking at the main character in a Street FIghter 6 1.011 cutscene

    The patch notes for 1.011 introduced balance adjustments for a few characters, bug fixes, and a new addition to the Modern and Dynamic control style. It has now been added as an option to map normal throws to its own button in Modern and Dynamic controls. Also, there was a bug where if both players did Drive Rush simultaneously, one player’s movement would be 1 frame slower. This has been fixed, and no player has an advantage over the other in this situation.

    Additionally, this patch put a huge focus on improving characters that had a hard time achieving their true potential. Characters like Jamie and Ryu received many changes that help them shine among the rest of the cast. The developers also improved special attacks that were difficult to use and weakened abusable strategies. Read the patch notes here for more information on other changes.

    While not stated in the patch notes, there is a new addition to the matchmaking options menu. You can now customize your network search range to limited, expanded, or worldwide. This allows players to choose whether they want to fight someone nearby or fight someone far away. Many players had trouble finding opponents because their search range wasn’t extensive enough. Players hope that this works exactly as it sounds.

    Finally, Ed officially makes his way into Street Fighter 6 and he brings much content alongside him. Here is the Ed update launch trailer:

    Street Fighter 6 is available now on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC via Steam, and Xbox Series X|S. 

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