REYNATIS Shares Suppression/Liberation Mode Gameplay Clips

    Switch between modes to unleash flashy attacks.

    FuRyu and Natsume Atari revealed new gameplay clips for upcoming action RPG REYNATIS, highlighting the game’s “Suppression Mode” and “Liberation Mode” mechanics. Players are able to switch between these two modes in real time. 

    Talent commonly associated with Square Enix and Final Fantasy, such as writer Kazushige Nojima and composer Yoko Shimomura, are involved with development of REYNATIS. This new action RPG also takes inspiration from the cancelled Final Fantasy Versus XIII title and Kingdom Hearts, while delivering an original narrative and unique gameplay mechanics.

    Engaging Suppression and Liberation in REYNATIS

    While playing as protagonists Marin Kirizumi and Sari Nishijima, players may roam freely in Suppression Mode. As Marin, Suppression Mode is essential, since it conceals his true identity as a magician. This mode is also good for dodging and general evasion from enemy attacks.

    Both REYNATIS protagonists may switch to Liberation Mode to deal damage to their targets. Dodging enemy attacks and switching into Liberation Mode will allow the characters to deal homing attacks to all enemies, similarly to Kingdom Hearts‘ Shotlock mechanic. Timing is crucial to this attack, however.

    Check out the new gameplay clips below, via the game’s official Twitter account.

    Marin Kirizumi

    Sari Nishijima

    In Japan, REYNATIS will launch on July 25 for 7,980 yen across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. A physical Liberators Box Limited Edition will be available for 12,680 yen, and the digital Liberator’s Edition will be available for just 80 yen less than the physical version. Pre-order bonuses include special The Caligula Effect and Monark themed cosmetics for the protagonists.

    Lastly, here’s an overview of the new RPG from our previous coverage: 

    A juvenile action RPG set in a realistic Shibuya, Tokyo, where two protagonists in different positions fight for the world they desire.


    Modern day Shibuya, Tokyo, where magic does not exist.

    Marin Kirizumi is a magician who has obtained power free from anyone’s constraints and aims for freedom.

    Sari Nishijima, who desires an orderly world, oversees magicians.

    The story begins to unfold when these two protagonists from different backgrounds meet…


    • Suppression and Liberation – Switch between “Suppression Mode” and “Liberation Mode” in real-time to perform flashy actions.
    • Exploration – Explore in “Suppression Mode” while concealing your identity. If the fact that you are a magician is revealed, the M.E.A. will immediately rush to the scene.


    • Scenario: Kazushige Nojima
    • Composer: Yoko Shimomura
    • Character Design: Yasutaka Kaburagi
    • Key Visual: Yusuke Naora
    • Pre-Rendered Movies: StudioGOONEYS
    • Planning / Producer / Director: Takumi Isobe (FuRyu)
    • Development: Natsume Atari
    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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