New Digimon Story Game Still in Development, Kazumasa Habu No Longer Producer

    Habu passes the torch to a trusted director.

    Digimon games series producer Kazumasa Habu confirms the new and upcoming Digimon Story game is still in development. However, Habu is no longer producer of the series, as he’s “quietly passing the baton” to a trusted director. 

    Bandai Namco confirmed a new Digimon Story game was in development back in February 2022 during that year’s Digimon Con. At the time, Habu was leading the charge for the Digimon games team at Bandai Namco. Personnel changes in Bandai Namco happened roughly a year later, resulting in Habu’s departure. 

    Kazumasa Habu is No Longer Producer of the New Digimon Story Game

    Kazumasa Habu departed from this producer role for the Digimon games division at Bandai Namco in April 2023, according to his recent Twitter posts. However, development of the new Digimon Story game is still ongoing with a trusted director at the helm. Further details regarding this new game have not been revealed yet. 

    “Due to personnel changes within the company, I will no longer be the producer of Digimon games,” Habu said on Twitter. “In fact, I have not been in that role since last April, and I have been quietly passing the baton. Please rest assured that the new Digimon Story game continues to be in development under its trusted director and team.”

    Habu continued, “Being involved in Digimon and being able to experience the enthusiasm of the fans has become my most treasured asset. I would like to thank all the fans who have loved our works. Thank you so much! Please continue to give Digimon your support!”

    Digimon Con 2024 will be held on March 9 at 7:00 p.m. PST/10:00 p.m. EST as a one-day special event celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Digimon anime. Fans can expect news about Digimon anime, games, and more. Agumon VA Chika Sakamoto, Gabumon VA Mayumi Yamaguchi, and Piyomon VA Atori Shigematsu will appear at the showcase.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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