Digimon Dreamers Manga Ending on March 4

    Volume 2 of the series will ship in Spring.

    A recent video from the Digimon YouTube account officially announced that the Digimon Dreamers manga series will end on March 4. They also confirmed that volume 2 of the manga will be available later in Spring 2024.

    The officially announcement that Digimon Dreamers will be ending next month coincides with the imminent beginning of Digimon Con 2024. Digimon Con is a celebration of the Digimon franchise, including the Digimon Card Game, anime, and video games. The previous Digimon Con event was held in February 2023, featuring news about games like Digimon World: Next Order for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam at the time. The event will return on March 4.

    Digimon Dreamers Manga Ending Next Month

    Digimon Dreams Manga Cover Art

    In a recent video announcement, the Digimon YouTube account confirmed that the Digimon Dreamers manga will be coming to an end on March 4. Bandai Namco will release a second volume of the series later in Spring 2024. They will likely reveal more details in the coming weeks and months.

    Bandai Namco is currently publishing the series in English. They describe it as follows:

    One day, Ritsu Kodo, a young gamer, is suddenly whisked away into the digital world of the game he plays! There he meets Pulsemon, the Digimon he’s been training in the game!! While initially bewildered by this sudden turn of events, Ritsu learns that Pulsemon summoned him as a Tamer to help break a curse preventing Digivolution. And so, he promises to help Pulsemon Digivolve…!!

    Previously, Bandai Namco opened a questionnaire for Digimon games in preparation for the upcoming event. This questionnaire helped Bandai Namco gauge feedback for the Digimon Con program and future Digimon game projects. Beyond general questions, Bandai Namco asks about Digimon games that you’ve played, favorite Digimon, favorite moments from past Digimon games, and much more. Some of the answers to the written response questions may be introduced in the live program as well. The survey also asks about the type of genre that fans would like to see for a new Digimon game.

    The latest installment in the Digimon franchise is the Digimon Adventure 02 The Beginning film, which premiered on November 8, 2023 in US theaters. The film is set in February 2012, shortly after the events of the Digimon Adventure tri. anime and the Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna anime film. Protagonist Daisuke Motomiya and friends return from the original Digimon Adventure 02 anime.

    Lastly, Digimon Dreamers will end on March 4.

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