Silent Hill: The Short Message Surpasses One Million Downloads

    A free-to-play success.

    Konami announced that Silent Hill: The Short Message surpassed one million downloads worldwide on PlayStation 5. The game managed to reach this milestone in just five days after its launch. 

    On January 31, Konami revealed and released Silent Hill: The Short Message during PlayStation’s State of Play. This is an all-new Silent Hill experience available for free exclusively on PS5, similarly to Konami and Hideo Kojima’s ill-fated P.T. from the PS4. 

    Silent Hill: The Short Message One Million Downloads

    The official Silent Hill Twitter account thanks fans for helping Silent Hill: The Short Message reach one million downloads worldwide. There’s no word about the game coming to other platforms, however.

    Konami held the “Silent Hill Transmission” presentation on October 19, 2023 to announce multiple new projects. Bloober Team-developed Silent Hill 2 remake was among one of the newly announced games at the time, and it was also showcased at the January 31 State of Play. Silent Hill 2 is coming soon for PlayStation 5 and PC.

    Another major Silent Hill title announced was Silent Hill f, a brand-new game developed by Neobards Entertainment (Resident Evil Re:Verse) and written by Ryukishi07 (When They Cry series). The game features a completely new story set in 1960’s Japan.

    Annapurna Interactive and No Code are also working on a new game, Silent Hill: Townfall. A trailer was shown for Silent Hill: Townfall just like the other announced games, but Konami did not further details.

    Lastly, Silent Hill: The Short Message is available now for free on PlayStation 5. Here’s an overview of the title, via the PlayStation Store: 

    Following messages from her friend Maya, Anita finds herself at a crumbling apartment block, infamous for rumors of suicides.
    Drawn inside, Anita soon finds her sense of reality shattered as she encounters bizarre, otherworldly spaces, haunted by a twisted monster.
    Maya’s message was clear — “can’t leave til you find it” — but what is it that Anita is really looking for?

    An all-new, modern Silent Hill experience, powered by the latest in game technology, now available free to play exclusively on PlayStation 5.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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