Another Code: Lost Memories – Chapter 1 Walkthrough

    Two years later, another mystery brews...

    Another Code: Recollection combines two cult-classic Adventure games into one, freshly-updated package for the Nintendo Switch. Enjoy a heart-touching journey full of mystery and personal growth with Ashley Robins. However, the nature of adventure games, with their focus on puzzles and exploration, can progress gate certain players. Use our Another Code Recollection Walkthrough Guides to assist you through the story. Don’t worry, as they are specifically designed to be Spoiler-Free! Check out the game and its demo on the Nintendo eshop!


    The goal of this guide is to provide players with assistance, but I also have some tips to share so that prospective players can have as full of an experience as possible.

    • Feel free to examine things and chat up characters to your heart’s content! This will give you a fuller experience with added details.
    • If you are still having some issues, feel free to turn on ‘Assist Mode’ and ‘Puzzle Hints’. These options guide you toward your next objective and help you out if a puzzle stumps you. However, using this guide will provide you with an experience of the game that allows you to witness the story unfold without any intrusive UI. Plus you don’t have to fiddle with the options if you do get stuck.
    • The DAS and your Inventory chronicle your journey. Check them out for details or to jog your memory. Need to further jog your memory? Use your ‘Backlog’ by pressing ‘R’. It contains ALL of the game’s dialogue via a script. You can even play the voice clips, too!
    • It is possible to skip clue-gathering segments with only the knowledge of the puzzle solution. 

    Another Code: Recollection -Journey Into Lost Memories- Chapter 1: Sudden Recollection

    When you gain control, walk forward to the next area. I recommend exploring and examining things. Go inside the white building for the next scene.  Check the Staff Door, leave the building, and speak to the ranger outside and to the left. Return to the guesthouse. Check the blinds. Examine the employee and the speaker in the top left. Follow the yellow wire to the stereo behind the cash register area. Plug the yellow cord into the stereo system. Hold the ‘R’ button to turn the volume up. Speak to the employee. 

    Get the Guest Card and talk about every topic. You walk around the store and buy things and stuff for a lark. Try to leave and then talk to the employee again. Leave the building, hang a left to the campsite gate, and use your guest card. Continue forward, watch a quick scene, and follow the right path. 

    After the scenes go talk to everyone. Walk near each group standing around to trigger a scene. Then go talk to your dad. After several scenes, return to the guesthouse. Check the blinds. Scan the Origami Crane on the table by the staff door.  Try opening the Staff Door. Input the correct button combination. Exit out the back door and continue forward for a scene. Examine the Hole in the Fence. 

    You must prove your innocence. Go outside and take a photo of the Hole in the Fence and the muddy footprints by the door. Present them to Tommy by talking to him. Head outside. Return to the campsite. Watch the scenes. 

    Payne Grist
    Payne Grist
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