Kaiju No. 8 New Key Visual and Staff Members Revealed

    Premiering in April 2024.

    The official Twitter account for the upcoming anime adaptation of Kaiju No. 8 has revealed a new key visual. New staff members for the series have also been revealed.

    Kaiju No. 8 is a manga written by Naoya Matsumoto. Shonen Jump + has serialized the manga since 2020. It has received a cult following and many requests for an anime adaptation. The first trailer for the series premiered in August. The Kaiju No. 8 adaptation is one of the most anticipated new anime airing in 2024. The series will be available on Crunchyroll as it airs.

    Kaiju No. 8 Key Visual and Staff Details

    Kaiju No. 8 Key Visual

    Kaiju No. 8 will premiere in April 2024. Before the series premieres, a new key visual and staff members have been revealed by the anime’s Twitter/X account. Shigeyuki Miya will be directing the anime while Ichiro Okouchi will handle series composition and screenplay. Tetsuya Nishio will be the lead character designer and animation director. Mahiro Maeda will design the monsters. Shinji Kimura will be the art director while Yuta Bando will compose the series’ soundtrack.

    The original manga series is available in its entirety on Viz Media and MANGA Plus. They describe it as follows: “A man working a job far removed from his childhood dreams gets wrapped up in an unexpected situation…! Becoming a monster, he aims once again to fulfill his lifelong dream…!” Eleven volumes of the series have been compiled to date.

    The main cast of the series includes:

    • Kafka Hibino/Kaiju No. 8 – Masaya Fukunishi
    • Mina Ashiro – Asami Seto
    • Reno Ichikawa – Wataru Kato

    Kaiju No. 8‘s staff will likely reveal more information about the series’ cast and story in the coming months. A new trailer will likely also be released soon. Lastly, Kaiju No. 8 will air in April 2024. The series will be available on Crunchyroll as it premieres in Spring of next year.

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