Re:Monster, Vampire Dormitory & More Coming to Crunchyroll in 2024

    A busy year for anime gets even busier.

    During a Manga Barcelona industry panel, Crunchyroll confirmed Re:Monster, Vampire Dormitory, Chillin’ in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat Powers, and more anime are coming to the streaming platform in 2024. Several new trailers and key visuals were revealed as well. 

    Crunchyroll Manga Barcelona Announcements – Re:Monster, Vampire Dormitory & More 

    An Archdemon’s Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride, Chillin’ in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat Powers, Quality Assurance in Another World, Re:Monster, Tadaima, Okaeri, The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic, and Vampire Dormitory will come to Crunchyroll in 2024. The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic will be one of the first anime to arrive in the new year in January 2024.

    All of the announcements are listed below, via Crunchyroll.

    An Archdemon’s Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride (2024)

    Synopsis: Zagan might be the most feared evil sorcerer, but when it comes to social interactions, he’s the most inept. All those days studying the dark arts won’t help him when he falls in love at first sight with Nephelia, the beautiful elven slave, and spends his entire fortune to purchase her. With no clue how to talk to each other, the awkward arrangement for a bumbling sorcerer and timid elf begins.

    Chillin’ in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat Powers (2024)

    Synopsis: The Magical Kingdom of Klyrode summons hundreds of heroes from other worlds every year to fight in their war against the Dark One and his army of powerful demons. Banaza is one of those heroes, summoned from the Royal Capital Paluma, but something’s not right—Banaza is only an average merchant. He has no magic, no fighting ability, and his stats are abysmal. Worse, a mishap leaves him unable to return home! Rejected as a hero and stranded in another world, abandoned to the far reaches of the kingdom by a cruel king who just wants him gone, Banaza’s fate looks pretty bleak. But what will happen once the failed hero candidate finds himself with super cheat powers once he hits level two?

    Quality Assurance in Another World (Spring 2024)

    Synopsis: Despite its location in a remote region south of the continent of Felnarc, the island of Clayborne is made up of five small countries crowded together and in constant conflict. In the most remote reaches of the smallest and most peaceful country on the island, the Kingdom of Bayle, is the small village where a girl named Nikola lives a humble life. One day, while she’s out gathering firewood as she does every day, a massive dragon—a creature that’s supposed to only live deep in the mountains—appears in front of her. Just as it’s about to attack the village, a man named Haga rushes to the scene. Haga is a member of the King’s Seekers, a top secret investigation team. Nikola has never once felt bored with her peaceful life, even when every single day is practically the same, but after meeting Haga, she’s so intrigued by Haga and his travels that she decides to step out into the world herself… and then the learns the true nature of her world.

    Re:Monster (April 2024)



    Synopsis: After meeting an untimely death, Tomokui Kanata is reincarnated as a lowly goblin, but he’s worked up a monstrous appetite. Thanks to his new ability that allows him to grow stronger the more he feeds, his feeble status quickly changes, and he rises to become the goblin leader. With a mix of his past memories, new body, and strong stomach, he’s taking a bite out of this new fantastical world!

    Tadaima, Okaeri (2024)

    Synopsis: Masaki Fujiyoshi is a stay-at-home spouse and parent. He has fought long and hard with feelings of being a burden to his loving husband, Hiromu, due to his status as an omega—and the difficulty they faced to achieve this domesticity. When their son, Hikari, was born, the family moved to an area better suited for raising children.

    Despite their newfound domestic bliss, the family’s ties to their past are in tatters. There are people they left behind to pursue the creation of their happy family, and when they begin to return, Masaki and Hiromu aren’t quite sure they have good intentions.

    The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic (January 2024)

    Synopsis: An ordinary walk home from school turns into an epic journey for Usato. After suddenly being dropped into another world with two fellow students, Usato learns he was summoned there by accident. But things turn around when he discovers a unique aptitude for healing magic! Now, he trains beyond human limitations, using his self-healing abilities to gain absurd strength and unrivaled stamina.

    Vampire Dormitory (2024)

    Synopsis: “I want to become your thrall…!”

    A crossdressing girl and doting vampire’s dangerous cohabitation is about to begin!

    After losing her parents and being abandoned by her relatives, Mito is left all alone in the world. When she’s kicked out of the restaurant where she works with no money and no place to live, she is taken in by Ruka, a vampire. In exchange for giving Ruka her blood as his “food,” she ends up living with him in a boys’ dorm full of beautiful boys with unique personalities…?!

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