Hajime Tabata Working on New RPG, Regrets Canceled FFXV DLC

    Leading development of two projects at JP Games.

    Hajime Tabata confirms that he’s working on a new RPG at studio JP Games, and he discusses his regret involving the cancellation of promised Final Fantasy XV DLC in a new Bahamut GNN (via 4Gamer) interview. Tabata previous served as the director of Final Fantasy XV and COO of Luminous Productions before his departure from Square Enix in late 2018. 

    Following his resignation from Square Enix, Tabata started his own development studio, JP Games, in January 2019. The studio aims to develop new RPGs and major titles, and Tabata confirms that he’s working on one such project. 

    Hajime Tabata: New RPG and Failed FFXV DLC Ambitions

    Currently, Hajime Tabata is working on a new RPG at JP Games with another company. The director did not elaborate on this partnering company, but he does note that the new RPG is not related to Ryugyukoku, which JP Games’ new MMORPG. He cannot comment further about the new game, but he does answer questions regarding his previous role as FFXV director. 

    When asked about the canceled plans of the FFXV “Dawn of the Future” DLC, Tabata reveals that he still regrets the cancellation of the project to this day. Although the cancellation was not his decision, Tabata was depressed that he couldn’t stop it. At the time, Tabata’s team had a lot of content planned for release before the cancellation. The frustration and disappointment he felt helped drive him toward leaving Square Enix and opening JP Games. He wants to make interesting games that could appeal to those disappointed players who stuck with FFXV to the very end.

    Tabata first noted that JP Games had two projects in development in 2021. One of these titles turned out to be Ryugyukoku, and the other game is the aforementioned new RPG. Fans can expect more news and updates on the second title once its ready.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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