Yuji Horii is Playtesting Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake

    Another update from the series creator.

    While celebrating the release of Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii shared an update about Dragon Quest III HD-2D remake, confirming that he’s playtesting the game. Dragon Quest III HD-2D remake is currently in development alongside the next numbered entry in the series, Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate.

    As the project’s title suggests, Dragon Quest III is being remade in the popular HD-2D engine in use in other Square Enix games such as LIVE A LIVE and Octopath Traveler. A release date has not been announced, Horii promised more updates since the game’s development is steady. 

    Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake Update From Yuji Horii

    On Twitter, Yuji Horii confirms that he’s playtesting the Dragon Quest III HD-2D remake. He played the remake for several hours and ended his play test on 10:00 p.m. JST on November 30. The Dragon Quest creator thanks fans for their support, since the continued support over the years made the development of the remake possible. 

    Here’s are Horii’s exact words, translated by Gematsu

    Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince has finally launched. At the same time, Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi has reached its second-year anniversary. And last night, I was
    at Square Enix test playing the Dragon Quest III remake until nearly 10:00 p.m. It’s thanks to the fans that I’m able to keep at it like this. Thank you all very much.”

    Previously, Hori confirmed that he’s offering advice to the development team, since he was in charge of the original game’s development. However, there’s not much that Horii may specifically share about Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate’s development.

    Lastly, Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince is now available for Nintendo Switch physically at retail and digitally via Nintendo eShop. Digital purchases include the Head Start Set featuring, Stardust Earrings x1, Scholar’s Specs x1, and Bonus Ball x5. A free demo is available now with save data transfers into the full game.

    Soul Kiwami
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