Live A Live 2 Can Happen If Live A Live Sells 1 Million Copies on PlayStation & Steam

    The possibility is real.

    Ever wanted Live A Live 2? That might just be possible. This afternoon, Square Enix shared another round of questions answered in its #LiveALiveQuestions campaign. The questions are asked by fans who tweet the corresponding hashtag, and once picked through a few are presented to Live A Live Producer Takashi Tokita. 

    In today’s questions, there was a question about the possibility of a sequel ever happening. The question specifically asked, “Will there be a chance for Live A Live II in the future?”. His response can be viewed in the tweet below. The question about Live A Live 2 starts at 0:30. 

    The Possibility of Live A Live 2

    Producer Tokita said that there is a chance, but it depends on sales of the PlayStation and Steam versions. In full, he stated the following: “If the Steam and PlayStation editions of the game can sell a million copies, then I would be very confident in proposing a Live A Live 2 to the company! So I need all of you guys to help with that!”

    As of September 2022, the Switch version of the game has sold 500,000 copies worldwide. The original release of the game only sold 270,000 copies worldwide and was considered a failure by Square Enix. With access now to hundreds of millions of users across Steam, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, it is obtainable for the game to sell one million copies across these platforms. The game is even verified on Steam Deck, which allows users to play it on the go like they can with the Switch version.

    Live A Live character select featuring Akira

    While that number might seem extremely high, it is definitely possible. Producer Tokita encourages the fans of the game to make it happen by spreading the word and supporting the new PlayStation and Steam releases.

    Speaking of the recent PlayStation release, we had the chance to check out the game on PlayStation 5 back in April, which you can read all about right here. For more Square Enix content, keep it here at Final Weapon.

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