How to Deal With Baryon Mode Naruto in Naruto x Boruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections

    In order to be Hokage, you gotta be able to defeat one!

    The release of a fighting game is a fascinating time to experience. You learn combos and tactics, climb online ranks, and meet new players. However, like every other fighting game, Naruto x Boruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections has some problematic characters at launch. Baryon Mode Naruto is one of the characters many players have issues with. But don’t break your controllers or yell at your monitor! After reading this article, you will conquer all the annoying moves that Naruto Storm Connections’ Baryon Mode Naruto has. Let’s get into it!

    Naruto Storm Connections‘ Baryon Mode Naruto – Grab

    Naruto Storm Connections' Baryon Mode Naruto doing his grab on a character

    This is one of the best grabs you will see in the whole game. With a lot of range, it can reach far in front of you and even grab someone in the air. Many players fall for this grab, but reacting when you see it is crucial. To demonstrate, go to training mode and try to do Baryon Mode Naruto’s grab. If you notice, orange sparks and an orange circle surround the character that looks like this:

    The visual cue for Naruto Storm Connections' Baryon Mode Naruto's grab range

    You want to look for this visual cue when reacting to the grab. Once you see it, you should jump in the air, as this will altogether avoid the grab. Your opponent will then be vulnerable to a punishment, where you can fall with a jump attack combo. 

    It is essential to mention that if you are airborne and Naruto attempts to grab, you should jump again. Remember, in the Naruto Storm games, you have two jumps. While Baryon Mode Naruto’s grab range can reach high in the air, you can avoid it if you double jump. Many players see Naruto players do this and think it’s a checkmate situation. Don’t let them get away with doing this!

    Tailed Beast Cannon Attack

    Naruto Storm Connections' Baryon Mode Naruto doing a Tailed Beast Cannon Attack on a character

    Yes, everyone’s favorite armored jutsu has a counter-play! Most Baryon Mode Naruto players will use this attack when they substitute out of your combo. They do this to counter your chakra dash so that you can’t chase them down after they sub. It stinks for them because you can leader-switch in the middle of your combo to beat Tailed Beast Cannon Attack. To explain, switching leaders mid-combo lets the next character dash in and continue the combo where it left off. This dash-in attack has more priority over armored jutsus, thus beating Tailed Beast Cannon Attack.

    In summary, react when your opponent subs out of your combo and makes a Tailed Beast Cannon Attack. Then, flick left or right on the right analog stick to leader switch, which will pull off the dash-in attack. This works against all armored jutsus in the game, so try it out on others!

    Massive Rasengan

    Naruto Storm Connections' Baryon Mode Naruto doing Massive Rasengan on a character

    Finally, we have Naruto Storm Connections‘ Baryon Mode Naruto’s last problematic move: Massive Rasengan. With a gigantic jump and a vast area of attack, this jutsu can be hard to avoid if nearby. Maintaining a safe distance from Naruto is vital so that you won’t have to block a Massive Rasengan. Guard breaks happen quickly in this game due to the increased power of attacks. The last thing you want to do is have Massive Rasengan break your guard.

    Keeping a specific space from the opponent is critical across all fighting games. It can mean the difference between a loss and a win. Don’t put yourself in situations where things get nasty!

    Putting an End to Naruto Storm Connections‘ Baryon Mode Naruto

    I understand the frustration of dealing with a character that feels impossible to beat. Understand that there’s always an answer to your problems, regardless of how hard it seems. With these tips, you will be one step closer to conquering Baryon Mode Naruto. Go out there and kick some butt!

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