Persona 5 Tactica Battle Basics

    Learn how to conquer a Kingdom in the name of freedom!

    Persona 5 Tactica is a stylish and quick Tactical RPG where your snap decisions will result in a swift victory for you OR your foes. Learning the ins and outs of battle is key to the Phantom Thieves’ survival. Page through our Persona 5 Tactica Battle Basics guide to learn how to defend yourself from this newfound threat!


    Persona 5 Tactica Hideout

    Preparation is key, as they say. Who ‘they’ is anybody’s guess. However, this quote is always true in the case of most things. Having the right gear will help you turn the tides of battle in your favor.


    Gear has been extremely pared back compared to other Persona games. The only equipment you have to worry about is guns. Just buy them from the shop between missions. You really only need to buy weapons for the characters you use, but it’s easy enough to get everyone their best available stuff if you sell weapons to Lavenza in the Velvet Room or replay some Missions.


    It’s always smart to spend the skill points you earn. Check out everyone’s skill tree between missions. A simple upgrade to a spell can be the key to victory.


    Personas work a little differently in this title. They act more like a piece of equipment, as they give you stat boosts and another attack skill/passive skill to use. A good Persona can give a party member better stats and an expanded kit, which can drastically change how you strategize.


    Persona 5 Tactica Attack

    Obviously, you gotta fight your way through these battles. Every character has a basic melee and gun attack. Long and close ranged if you will. Long-ranged attacks allow you to attack safely from a distance (preferably behind cover), while melee attacks can deal some decent damage and create some favorable situations for you. Melee attacks will knock foes around, allowing you to reposition them how you’d like. 

    Re-Positioning Foes

    Repositioning foes is integral to dealing with your enemies effectively and efficiently. Melee attacks can do this by knocking enemies off of ledges, allowing an ally below you to ‘follow-up attack’, or just simply moving an enemy into an ally’s attack range. Many spells can move enemies, too. Garu will sweep them forward, for example. Be careful, you can knock enemies into your friends, hurting both of them in the process. Proper enemy positioning can lead to large ‘One More’ chains, Triple Threats, or clump monsters together enough to wipe them out with a big spell.

    One More

    Persona 5 Tactica One More

    ‘One More’ should be a familiar mechanic to Persona fans. This ability allows characters to act once again after properly attacking a foe. You will see a convenient “Get ‘Em” targeting icon when a ‘Once More’ is possible to achieve. However, in other Persona games, this is usually done by landing a critical hit or exploiting an enemy’s weakness. In this game, it is done by hitting enemies when they can’t resist your attacks. They will usually be out of cover, suffering from an ailment, or attacked previously by an ally when they are vulnerable.


    The best way to get your oh-so-desired ‘Once More’ attacks, in my opinion, is by using another character to set up an enemy for another party member. Many spells can inflict an ailment that makes an enemy ready to be pounced on. A good one is Joker’s Eiha, as it inflicts ‘Despair’. This can really set up some awesome attack chains especially if you upgrade its power and range in Joker’s skill tree. 

    Triple Threat (All-Out Attack)

    Triple Threats are a great way to deal big damage to several foes at once. However, this technique takes some planning along with a certain level of mastery of the rest of the combat mechanics. In order to perform a Triple Threat, you must first knock down an enemy and have a character with a ‘Once More’ turn ready. We already discussed how to get a ‘Once More’ and how to knock foes down, so you should be familiar with this so far. Next, it’s as simple as positioning your characters properly to form a fiery triangle. Keep in mind, that you only need one knocked-down foe to trigger this. Every foe within the triangle does not need to be knocked down to participate in this beatdown. Some Quests and strategies actually require smart usage of Triple Threats!

    Persona 5 Tactica Triple Threat

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