The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin New Trailer Released

    New details revealed during G-Star 2023.

    Netmarble has released a new trailer for The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin during G-STAR 2023. The release date for the upcoming mobile and console game is still unknown.

    The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin is an open-world action RPG based on the popular Japanese anime/manga franchise. It also serves as a sequel to The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross for iOS and Android. More details about the game’s release date will likely be revealed in the coming weeks and months. 

    The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin Gameplay Details

    The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin Screenshot

    During G-STAR 2023, Netmarble released a new trailer for The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin. Check out the trailer below for a more in-depth look at the game’s beautiful art style and exciting gameplay:

    Additionally, more details about game’s story were also revealed in Netmarble’s press release, courtesy of Gematsu

    The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin is set in the time between The Seven Deadly Sins and Four Knights of the Apocalypse. Tristan, the son of main characters from the original title Meliodas and Elizabeth, explores various locations with his colleagues in his quest to save Britannia continent, where time and space are twisted due to the runaway of “Star Fragment.”

    The story of the demo build is centered around Tristan encountering an artifact called the Star Fragment while exploring an unknown region near lake Pernes. A strange phenomenon occurs, and characters from the past return to Britannia. Tristan heads toward Fairy to discover secrets of the Star Fragment.

    In this process, players explore a cave by burning tree trunks or excavating ore. Players also have to defeat monsters such as a Golem. In addition, players can experience original stories of the game by completing quests like meeting Hawk and defeating Werewolf Warriors. Because the final story involves Tristan and his colleagues correcting the space-time distortion on the Britannia continent, players will be able to enjoy a more robust narrative at launch.

    Lastly, The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin will release on iOS, Android, and other consoles sometime in the next few years. Netmarble will likely reveal more details on the game’s release date soon. 

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