Super Mario Bros. Wonder Now Available, Launch Trailer Released

    The new age of Mario is here.

    Super Mario Bros. Wonder is available now on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has revealed a launch trailer commemorating the game’s release.

    Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the first new 2D Mario in over ten years. The game will feature six playable characters, local multiplayer, and several new features/mechanics. Nintendo recently revealed further details about the game during a dedicated Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct.

    Super Mario Bros. Wonder Launch Trailer Revealed

    Super Mario Bros. Wonder Screenshot

    The Super Mario Bros. Wonder launch trailer showcases the game’s chaotic action. Using several new mechanics, such as the new Elephant, Bubble, and Drill power-ups, Mario and his friends must traverse the Flower Kingdom. There is also the Wonder Flower, which triggers several new world effects, and badges, which can completely change how you play the game. 

    Super Mario Bros. Wonder is unique from prior 2D Mario Games. For one, the game includes twelve playable characters. These include Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yellow Toad, Blue Toad, Toadette, Yoshi, Red Yoshi, Yellow Yoshi, Light-Blue Yoshi, and Nabbit.

    Nabbit and the Yoshis operate differently from the rest of the cast. For one, they won’t take damage in the conventional sense. They can still fall down pits, but if a Goomba or other enemy touches them, they will be unharmed. On the flip side, they cannot access any power-ups. 

    For more insight on how the game plays, check out the launch trailer below:

    The story of the game begins when Mario and friends visit the Flower Kingdom and its “benevolent leader,” Prince Florian. However, as they are about to start the festivities, Bowser arrives in his trademark clown car. Using the new wonder flower, he merges with Florian’s castle and takes over the kingdom. It is up to you to traverse the seven areas of the Flower Kingdom and save its trapped inhabitants from Bowser’s rule.

    Super Mario Bros. Wonder is available now on the Nintendo Switch. Over the past few days, the game has received several rave reviews from critics and fans alike. For those looking for a new 2D experience from the Mario franchise, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the game for you.

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