The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic Key Visual & Cast Revealed

    Scheduled to air in January 2024.

    Tonight, new information for the upcoming The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic series was released. This includes a new key visual and cast announcements for anime characters.

    For those unfamiliar, The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic follows Usato, a high school student summoned to a different world. It is an isekai fantasy title.

    New Key Visual Released for The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic

    This key visual features Usato, Suzune, Kazuki, and Rose. These are four of the main characters in the series. Below, you can check out this new key visual.

    So, the release of this visual comes just months before the air date of this anime. Currently, it is set to air in January 2024. This will slot it into the Winter 2024 season, respectively.

    Key Visual of The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic anime series coming January 2024, Winter 2024 season

    The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic Synopsis

    Usato Mikuri, an ordinary high school student, is on his way home when he is suddenly engulfed by a magic circle along with the student council president, Suzune Inukami, and his classmate, Kazuki Ryuusen.

    When they come to, they find themselves in a different world. The three of them were supposedly summoned as “Heroes” to counter the Demon Lord’s army invading the kingdom, but only Suzune and Kazuki have the aptitude for being heroes. Usato was just caught up in the situation!

    However, the situation changes drastically when it becomes clear that Usato has an affinity for “healing magic.” Rose, who claims to be the leader of the Rescue Squad, appears and forcibly takes Usato away.

    What awaited Usato there was days of training beyond his imagination in the form of a hellish ordeal—!

    New Additional Cast Announcements

    In addition to the above, new supporting cast announcements were made alongside the new key visual. This includes Akeno Watanabe as Blurin, Genta Nakamura as Orga, Yoshino Aoyama as Ururu, Kentarou Itou as Tong, Chad Horii as Mill, Toru Nara as Alec, Soushirou Hori as Gomul, and Hayato Fujii as Gurd.

    Additionally, the full staff and cast list for this upcoming anime series can be viewed below.

    Staff & Cast List

    Staff Information 
    • Original Work: Kurokata 
    • Character Original Design: KeG 
    • Director: Takahide Ogata 
    • Series Composition: Shogo Yasukawa 
    • Character Design: Kenji Tanabe 
    • Color DesignMasaaki Hino
    • Art DirectorKen Naito
    • Director of PhotographyKohei Yamamoto
    • EditingHiromi Komine
    • Sound DirectorYuichi Imaizumi
    • Sound Productio:HALF H・P STUDIO
    • Music: Elements Garden (Hitoshi Fujima, Seima Kondo) 
    • Music Production: Lantis
    • Animation Production: Studio Ad x Shin-Ei Animation 
    • Usato: Shogo Sakata 
    • Suzune: Ayaka Nanase 
    • Kazuki: Kengo Takahashi 
    • Rose: Atsuko Tanaka
    • Amako: Saya Aizawa
    • Blurin: Akeno Watanabe  

    The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic Release Date

    As aforementioned, the series will air in January 2024. Fans can expect to learn more about the anime’s western release in the coming months as simulcasts are announced. Be sure to stay tuned to both Final Weapon and the anime’s website for more information.

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