Baten Kaitos I & II HD Guide Compendium

    Trust in the cards...

    Baten Kaitos is a series that Monolithsoft co-developed with tri-Crescendo for the Nintendo Gamecube. Monolithsoft is now famous for its Xenoblade series, but the company used to make games outside of their Xeno games more often! Take a look back at this now legendary studio’s early work with our Baten Kaitos I & II HD Guide!

    Baten Kaitos I (Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean) Guides

    Baten Kaitos art

    Baten Kaitos originally launched on the Nintendo Gamecube in 2003. Now, it’s back in full HD with a stunning remaster. On top of that it is bundled with it’s sequel/origin story game.

    Join Kalas and his team in a mystical adventure to save the world. You act a guardian spirit to the group, guiding their every step. Use mysterious cards called Magnus to engage in battles and quests. 

    Baten Kaitos II (Origins) Guides

    Baten Kaitos Origins art

    Despite being relabeled as Baten Kaitos II in this collection, it is actually an origin (duh) point of the series. So, the name is both accurate in terms of release but also odd in the sense that the original subtitle was basically dropped. It gets even crazier when the new English title is even truer to the Japanese original as it was originally called Baten Kaitos II in Japan!

    Disregarding the naming shenanigans; Baten Kaitos II retains the Magnus system, lore, and even locations from Baten Kaitos I. The unique Magnus system also returns with refinements and fewer cards due to the fewer party members and new gameplay focus.

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