Baten Kaitos I HD – Lyude Weapons Magnus Guide

    There are over 1,000 Magnus cards to collect! From gear to items and more, there are loads of these things to nab! Some are useful, and some are things like quests. Use this guide to help you obtain all of the Lyude Weapon Magnus in Baten Kaitos!

    What Are Magnus?

    In the Baten Kaitos games, Magnus are cards that can store items and essences. This makes carrying a lot of items a cinch and adds a lot of aesthetic flavor to these unique RPGs. These mysterious cards are the crux of the battle system and are also deeply tied to the RPG mechanics.

    How to Use Magnus

    Since Magnus are essentially cards, you must play them. “But how can I play a card without making a deck of cards?” Oh! You seem to understand things already, dear reader! Yes, you must gather cards and make decks with them. There are a few restrictions to how many cards you can combo or put in a deck due to the RPG elements, but you can satisfyingly level all of that up in order to make better use of your cards!

    Some Magnus, however, are used like equipment or even act as quest items! Magnus can also evolve and change over time. Be sure to keep an eye out and pay attention. You’ll become a Magnus Master in no time!

    Lyude Weapons Magnus List

    • Krone Horn
      • starting equipment, Lyude
    • Assault Trumpet
      • starting equipment, Lyude
    • Shining Horn
      • starting equipment, Lyude
      • drop, Cursed Grimoire, Library of Magic
    • Shadow Cornet
      • drop, Undead Swordsman, Holoholo Jungle
      • shop, Sheliak or Komo Mai; starting equipment, Lyude
    • Snake Tuba
      • chest, near Geldoblame’s ship, Anuenue Port
      • drop, Devil Claws, Celestial Tree
    • Magnum Cornet
      • Philosophy Room, Library of Magic
    • Devil Eupho
      • defeat boss, Library of Magic
      • Trail of Souls mini-game prize
    • Brilliant Horn
      • shop, Reverence (Mira)
      • drop, Filler, Nekton Shrine (Mira)
    • Indra Horn
      • drop, Wokoob Kakish, Coccolith (Duke Calbren’s Maze)
      • drop, Foy Tow, Lava Caves
    • Veda Cornet
      • drop, Elite Imperial Guard, Mintaka
      • drop, Magna Beast, Lava Caves
    • Saxoflare
      • shop, Cursa
    • Asura Tuba
      • search Armory, Fifth Floor, Imperial Palace
    • Golden Bugle
      • drop, Gagarek, Mintaka (after Lava Caves)
      • drop, Mafreega, Duhr Labyrinth
    • Saxolauncher
      • drop, Bar-Mool, Duhr Labyrinth
    • Glint Cornet
      • drop, Almanek, Capella (Duhr)
    • Hades Horn
      • drop, Mysterious Shellfish, Zosma tower
      • chest, Phantom Goldoba
    • Varna Horn
      • drop, Master Revenant, Phantom Goldoba
    • Agni Tuba
      • chest, Phantom Goldoba
    • Ravana Pet
      • drop, Vorleg, Cor HydraeShining Trumpet – drop, Vorleg, Cor Hydrae
    • Brahma Eupho
      • chest, Cor Hydrae
    • Vishnu
      • defeat boss, Phantom Goldoba

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