Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince Details Battle and Monster Recruitment Systems

    Psaro's monsters will lead him to victory.

    Square Enix have revealed new details about Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince including battle and monster recruitment systems. Pre-orders are also available now exclusively for Nintendo Switch with special rewards. 

    Dragon Quest fans will soon embark on a new journey as Psaro, a familiar name from Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen. Psaro is cursed by his own father, the ruler of the monster realm Nadiria. Although the curse prevents Psaro from hurting monsters, the anti-hero gains valuable allies and powers that will aid him in his ultimate quest for revenge.

    Battles and Monsters in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

    Psaro may control up to eight team members with four in the main party and four in reserves. The player may issue orders for each monster, set up strategies, and pave the party’s path to victory. Enemy monsters may ask to join the party after a battle, and Psaro’s Show of Force skill may even persuade strong monsters to join. Items such as meat-based goodies and other treats increase the likelihood of recruiting a monster or to improve the persuasiveness of Show of Force. Psaro will meet other monster wranglers on his quest who are willing to lend their aid and create new monsters through an overhauled synthesis system. 

    Monsters have talents that allow them to perform a mix of skills, magic spells, attribute boosters and more. Some of these talents provide life-saving healing spells, whereas others can turn a monster into an strong offensive or defensive unit for the party. New sets of spells and abilities may be unlocked by leveling up Talents with Talent Points, which are earned through battles and other means. Talents may be inherited through synthesis, and the child monster will have its own innate talent as well. Understanding this particular system is vital toward creating powerful monsters. 

    Battle Arena and Familiar Faces

    As players progress the story, Psaro will gain access to two battle arenas—the Endor Colosseum in the human world of Terrestria, and the Maulosseum in the monster realm of Nadiria. Psaro may battle expert monster wranglers to level up monsters and become the strongest leader possible. Players must also be aware of monster sizes and ranks with G having the most common Dragon Quest monsters to S and X, which both hold antagonists and powerful monsters from previous games. Over 500 monsters are available, including Jasper Unbound and Krystalinda from Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age.

    Lastly, Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince launches December 1 for Nintendo Switch, and pre-orders are available now physically at retail and digitally via Nintendo eShop. Pre-orders include the Head Start Set featuring, Stardust Earrings x1, Scholar’s Specs x1, and Bonus Ball x5.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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