The Touhou Empires Launches in Q1 2024, Limited-Time Demo Now Available

    Strategy meets Touhou in a new title.

    Publisher Phoenixx and developer Neetpia announced real-time strategy game The Touhou Empires launches in Q1 2024. A new limited-time demo is available starting today as part of Steam Strategy Fest. 

    The Touhou Empires was first announced for PC via Steam in May 2022. The full game will release nearly two years after its initial reveal. Fortunately, fans may try out the game for the first time nearly half a year in advance. 

    The Touhou Empires Release Date and Demo

    The Touhou Empires is confirmed for a Q1 2024 release, and an exact release date will be announced soon. Before then, fans may try out the new limited-time demo from August 28 to September 4 during Steam Strategy Fest. The demo will also be available at the Phoenixx booth (#3119) during PAX West 2023.

    The Touhou Empires brings the entire Touhou universe to life in a new style of gameplay,” says Syousa, representative at Neetpia. “As longtime fans of the series it is an honor to blaze a new trail in the series treasured by millions across the world, and we can’t wait for strategy and Touhou fans alike to try out the demo during Strategy Fest!.” 

    Watch the new trailer below.

    Here’s an overview of the upcoming title, via Steam:

    The Touhou Empires is a real-time strategy game. Pick your favorite faction, set up base and gather resources. Build up your forces toward the ultimate goal, defeating every other faction!

    Fight it out, learn, and bust out the special techniques to grasp victory!

    Over 30 popular characters from the Touhou Project series make their appearance!

    Many known characters appear beyond the protagonists Reimu and Marisa! And they’ve all got their trademark Spell Cards featured in their home games! Use their unique and powerful abilities to your advantage and conquer the land!

    Engage in battle the way you want!

    The various factions have many upsides and downsides! For instance, the Hakurei Shrine forces excel at building their bases up with powerful defenses, while the Scarlet Devil Manor can summon powerful troops early in the match! Pick the group that suits your playstyle!

    Utilize a variety of units!

    Play around with all kinds of different troops! Mobile cavalry units, far reach archers, grimoires that launch powerful spells across the battlefield, and more! But each unit has their weaknesses to go along with their strengths, consider them carefully when going up against your enemies!

    A large scale Story Mode!

    Fear not, you can enjoy this game on your own as well! Over 30 Touhou characters appear in this 20 stage long campaign! Who could be behind this incident? Play the campaign and find out!

    Take the battle worldwide with Online Play! Play with, or against, your friends!

    Take the battle worldwide with Online Play! Play with, or against, your friends!
    Up to 6 players can duke it out at once in the online battle mode! Featuring many different rulesets, such as 3v3 or even a battle royale to decide the sole victor! Team up with your friends and take on the world!

    Detailed graphics illustrate the land!

    Much care was put into the presentation! Sound design, music, and visuals were all given special attention to draw the player in. Moving grass, flowing water, and more!

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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