Fight Crab 2 Coming to Steam Early Access This Winter

    The crustacean wrestling fighting game returns.

    Developer Calappa Games and publisher PLAYISM have officially announced that Fight Crab 2 is in development for Steam. Alongside the announcement, the companies released the game’s first official trailer. The game will be added to Steam Early Access this winter.

    Calappa initially released the first Fight Crab in 2020. The game is described as a “crustacean wrestling fighting game” where players must flip their opponents on their backs to win. More information on the game has been released through its official Steam page.

    Fight Crab 2 Details

    Fight Crab 2 Screenshot

    Fight Crab 2 will include several quality-of-life updates that separate it from the first game. For one, the game will add a new Career Mode that will allow players to raise their own crab to fight against other opponents in online multiplayer. Further, the sequel will add a more modern control scheme. This will allow the game to function like a third-person action game. It will also add a live commentary feature, akin to the recently released Street Fighter 6.

    For those unfamiliar with Fight Crab, the game allows you to fight against others in 1v1 matches. Unlike the last game, you don’t play as a crab but as a human. You can mount a crab to control it directly or dismount it to throw weapons and utilize stage hazards to assist your crustacean ally. Crabs can also use weapons in each pincer, spells, and unique skills to make it stand out in battle.

    Alongside revealing Fight Crab 2, the developer Calappa Games has confirmed that the game will be playable at Pax West 2023, starting in early September. Calappa will likely reveal more information about the game’s release in the coming months. Check out the official trailer below:

    Official Trailer

    Lastly, Fight Crab 2 will release on Early Access later this year. All game modes will be playable in the early version of the game. Fight Crab 2 will be available exclusively on Steam.

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