Project L Reveals Yasuo the Unforgiven, Playable at EVO 2023

    One blade, one purpose.

    Riot Games has officially revealed that Yasuo the Unforgiven from League of Legends will appear in Project L. He is one of six playable characters confirmed to be on the base roster.

    Project L is a free-to-play fighting game that will take place in the world of League of Legends. The game will feature assist mechanics similar to Marvel vs. Capcom and a 2v2 cooperative, competitive mode. Project L will be playable on the EVO 2023 show floor. Darius, Ahri, Ekko, and Yasuo are the only characters that can be chosen from the roster.

    Yasuo the Unforgiven in Project L

    A screenshot of Yasuo in Project L

    Yasuo is a character that utilizes a sword and high-speed movements to defeat his opponents. The trailer shows off his ability to rapidly dash (and backdash) around the stage. Those familiar with Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will find similar aspects to Vergil, a character infamous for his overpowered offensive and defensive options. He looks to be an exciting addition to the roster.

    Speaking of the roster, the following characters will be playable starting today at EVO 2023:

    • Darius: the brutal axe-wielder who specializes in offensive attacks.
    • Ekko: a zoner who specializes in time-based attacks and rapid mixups.
    • Ahri: a rushdown terror who can attack from all angles.
    • And Yasuo: a master swordsman who manipulates the wind with his blade.

    Other characters are part of the base roster, such as Jinx and Illaoi, but the four mentioned above are the only ones that will be playable at EVO. Additionally, Riot Games has confirmed that more information will be released about how to play Project L in the future.

    Currently, Riot Games has not yet confirmed a release date for Project L. Expect to hear more about the game’s release date and consoles in the coming months. Lastly, stay tuned to EVO 2023 for more fighting game news starting today. Check out our official guide here for more information about the event’s schedule.

    Yasuo, the Unforgiven Trailer

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