Mobile Suit Gundam: Requiem for Vengeance Announced

    Produced entirely in Unreal Engine 5.

    The Mobile Suit Gundam: Requiem for Vengeance anime project has just been announced at Anime Expo 2023. While there isn’t a release date, the upcoming project is the next anime for the world of Gundam.

    The announcement of Requiem for Vengeance comes in the wake of Gundam: The Witch from Mercury‘s success. Released in 2022, the anime is one of the most successful Gundam projects of the last few years. Requiem for Vengeance is set to be a departure from what Witch from Mercury has established, however.

    Requiem for Vengeance

    Currently, no information about the anime’s release date has been revealed. However, the panel revealed that the animation will be produced entirely through Unreal Engine 5. The project will be directed by Erasmus Brosdau, known for his work on the TV series Origin Zero and the Warhammer 40k short film “The Lord Inquisitor: Seed of Ambition.”

    Additionally, Celia Messingham will voice the main character and provide motion capture. Messingham is known for her work on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Ladies in Black. Gavin Hignight is writing the project, Naohiro Ogata will produce it, and Wilbert Roget II is composing the soundtrack. Hignight has worked on Tekken: Bloodlines, Ogata on other Gundam projects, and Roget II on games like Mortal Kombat 11.

    Hignight confirmed the series’ timeline during the panel. The anime will be set in the Universal Century chronology of the first Mobile Suit Gundam story and its sequels. Specifically, according to Brosdau, the story is told from the perspective of the Zeon faction. According to the trailer exclusively shown to Anime Expo audiences, the story is set “eleven months after the revolutionary war.” The series’ creative team has confirmed that the main influences of the series are Gundam Thunderbolt and Gundam: The 08th MS Team.

    The trailer for Gundam: Requiem for Vengeance hasn’t yet been dropped. However, fans can expect to see more information about the upcoming project, including an official release date, in the coming months.

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    Saras Rajpal
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