Visual Novel Kuroi Tsubasa Launches June 2

    Featuring a new bonus chapter.

    Ratalaika Games and Blackwing Gaming announced fantasy visual novel Kuroi Tsubasa launches on June 2. The upcoming visual novel will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. 

    In Kuroi Tsubasa, a devil known as Blackwing escapes from hell since his grandfather said the mortal world is much nicer. His devil powers are not kept in check on the surface, and he manifests a shadow that possesses people. Blackwing finds hope in the form of a plushie belonging to office worker Kureha. The two team up to keep Blackwing’s powers under control and help people affected by the shadow. 

    Here’s an overview of features in Kuroi Tsubasa, via Ratalaika Games

    Kuroi Tsubasa – A tangled web of intrigue 

    Although Kuroi Tsubasa is intrinsically linear and  there is only one ending (and one secret, unlockable ending that serves as an epilogue) there are different choices the player can make that  provide extra scenes, high quality CG art or background information about the characters. A fun example would be Tanaka’s side story.

    He serves as a minor antagonist, but by choosing the correct choices over the course of the majority of the game, the player can learn much more about him, experience his failing love life, and generally laugh at his antics. This increases replayability, but for those who only want to experience one set story, the players are not forced to restart the game again and again to experience a satisfying ending.

    Kuroi Tsubasa offers everything plus a lot more with its eye candy looks and  cleverly devised and interesting cast.


    • 120,000 words, so around 10 hours playtime plus achievements 
    • Over 50 songs, all created for this game, including several vocal tracks
    • Two music videos in-game
    • Including variations: over 50 CGs! (CG = graphic that’s not sprite + background, but a unique piece of art for a specific scene)
    • A completely new bonus chapter after the game, exclusive for the console release
    Teaser Trailer

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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