Visual Novel Remake ONE. Launches December 22 for PC in the West

    Featuring English support with full Japanese audio.

    Publisher Shiravune announced NEXTON and novamicus’ romance visual novel remake ONE. launches December 22 for PC via Steam in the west. The Steam version launches simultaneously with the Japanese release of ONE. Shiravune’s Steam release supports English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese language options with full Japanese audio.

    As previously reported, ONE. is a remake of 1998 romance visual novel One: Kagayaku Kisetsu e, which was developed by NEXTON brand Tactics. In Japan, digital pre-orders for ONE. open on May 26 for both Nintendo Switch and Steam via its respective storefronts. The Steam version is published by NEXTON in Japan, while the Nintendo Switch version is being distributed by visual novel publisher Ares. A western release for the Nintendo Switch version has not been announced yet, however. Players around the world may now wishlist the Steam version by visiting the official Steam page.

    Here’s an overview of ONE. via Shiravune

    About ONE.

    A classic 90’s visual novel returns with an updated modern remake to celebrate the developers’ 30th anniversary.


    What tied me to this world…
    1998, winter.
    I was just a regular student until another world was born in me.
    Like softly falling snow, it blanketed and began to bury my everyday life.
    It was only then that I realized…
    That there were certain things in my life that never changed.
    The same familiar scenery.
    The warmth of the one I loved, who filled me with a joy I never noticed.

    Their existence tied me to this world.

    It was when I first started to want these bonds, to want that special someone, that time began to pass, and sunlight caused the season to really shine.
    When it did, which world was I standing in, and who was holding my hand?

    Lastly, ONE. launches December 22 for Nintendo Switch and Steam in Japan.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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