Kara no Shoujo Series Coming to the West as The Shell Trilogy

    Remastered with HD assets.

    Publisher Shiravune announced the Kara no Shoujo series of detective-mystery visual novels is coming to PC via Steam in the west. All three games in the Kara no Shoujo trilogy will be released at The Shell Trilogy with part one launching this July. 

    Shiravune confirms the first game in the Kara no Shoujo series comes to the west as The Shell Part 1: Inferno. The upcoming Steam release is slated for July 28 with English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese language options with full Japanese voice acting. Additionally, the second and third parts of the trilogy will release at a later date. 

    In The Shell Part 1: Inferno, players can expect a 10-hour visual novel experience with multiple endings. The visual novel is set in the Showa era featuring the story of a detective who receives a request from a young girl and “uncovers the secret hidden within her.” The Steam version has been fully remastered with new HD assets, and users may wishlist the game right now.

    Here’s an story synopsis of The Shell Part 1: Inferno via the official Steam page:

    Kara no Shoujo / The Shell Part 1: Inferno 

    March 1956.
    In a Tokyo that’s slowly returning to its former glory after losing the war ten years prior, Private Detective Reiji Tokisaka takes on the case of a girl he meets in Inokashira Park.
    “I want you to find something… Me. My true self.”

    A wave of crimes has been crashing down on the city. Sergeant Uozumi, Tokisaka’s childhood friend and former coworker, asks him to investigate the murders.

    Meanwhile, sitting off in a corner of the town of Hoya is Oba Girls’ Academy, the school Tokisaka’s younger sister goes to and where two students have recently disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The vice principal of this academy, Tokio Saeki, implores Tokisaka to find them.

    Having taken on all three of these cases, and with Vice Principal Tokio’s approval, Tokisaka enters Oba Girls’ Academy as a teacher in order to dig up information about the students.

    It’s there that he meets her again. Toko Kuchiki, the girl who asked him to look for her true self, with a voice as light and as clear as a bell and a casual way of speaking that doesn’t match it.
    “Heya. Figured I’d be seeing you soon, Detective.”

    More and more victims turn up as the days pass, and the investigation he thought would be oh-so-easy stalls. For some reason, the number of disappearances and unidentified bodies don’t add up.

    And the newest victim is—

    The secrets of a case from six years prior may just be the key to the current unending cycle of tragedy, and the thing that cracks this woeful world’s shell may be one girl’s smile.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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