Brown Dust 2 Launches in June 2023, Final Beta Test Confirmed

    A console-like RPG comes to Android and iOS soon.

    Neowiz and GAMFSN announced mobile RPG Brown Dust 2 launches in June 2023 for Android and iOS. A final beta test will be held from June 8 to 12, allowing players to try out the game one more time before the official launch.

    Pre-registration for Brown Dust 2 on Android and iOS is available now at the game’s official website. Users that pre-register 800 Dia + Draw Ticket x 2 at launch with an additional 800 Dia + Draw Ticket x 2 that may be obtained by joining the official Brown Dust 2 Discord server. Moreover, eager fans may also look forward to the game’s final beta test from June 8 to 12. Sign-ups will be available from May 17 to 31 at the official website, and participants will be notified shortly after on June 2.

    Here’s an overview of Brown Dust 2 via Neowiz and the official store pages:

    About Brown Dust 2

    Brown Dust 2 is a unique high-end 2D mobile game that immerses players in a fantastic, beautiful world packed with nostalgia. Players will be whisked back in time to tap into wistful memories of days gone yet thrilled by a modern take on the console cartridge system. Each cartridge features a character’s exciting journey through the multiverse. These “what if” scenarios offer viewers a unique experience that separates the action within each character’s main story arc.

    Key Features

    • A New Adventure RPG with Console-Level Graphics – Experience High-End 2D graphics with overwhelming detail! Enjoy the diverse charms of Live 2D characters drawn by top-tier illustrators, along with beautifully designed fields that add excitement to your adventures.
    • Immersive Adventures in Both Landscape and Vertical Mode – A user-friendly interface optimized for both landscape and vertical screens! Experience a whole new level of immersion as you explore the expanded world.
    • Console-Style Game Pack that Transcends Time and Space with a Captivating Storyline – The game pack system evokes the nostalgia of classic console games! Immerse yourself in a thrilling storyline that unfolds in a multi-universe world and discover what lies beyond.
    • The core of Brown Dust: battle system with a quarter-view perspective – A 3×4 simulation battle system that maximizes the tension! Don’t miss the excitement of thrilling battles during adventures with well-designed intuitive turn-based battles
    • User-vs-User PvP and Evil Castle to Complete Your Adventure – Constantly test your own strategies and experience the joy of victory! Complete your adventure while enjoying the Evil Castle content that tests your limits.

    Lastly, check out the Brown Dust 2 Online Showcase below:

    Online Showcase

    SourceNeowiz PR
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