DNF Duel Goes Portable: What Switch Players Can Look Forward To

    The Nintendo Switch brings forth a new challenger!

    It’s been almost a year since DNF Duel was released. In our review, we speak about how this game satisfied new players, traditional fighting game players, and DFO players. Many people highly anticipated the title because it combined the excitement of fast-paced combat with RPG elements. Some months after its release, the developers started announcing waves of new content. On that note, the announcement of a Nintendo Switch port excited many Switch users. In the Switch port, players will notice some differences that make itself stand out from its console counterpart. With DNF Duel going portable, we will take a closer look at what Switch players can expect.

    DNF Duel Goes Portable: What To Expect

    [Good Graphical Quality]

    Berserker and Vanguard models in training mode

    While it is common to ridicule the graphics in Switch ports’ games, DNF Duel aims to stand out. Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that the game’s visuals are actually quite impressive. Obviously, it’s on a different platform this time around, so the visuals won’t be the same. If you’re not paying close attention to it, it can be hard to really tell the graphical differences. It still has that Arc System Works flare to it that everyone loves. That combination of 2D and 3D elements seamlessly blending together that you all love? It’s still here and graces the Switch screen beautifully. The game runs quite well too, as I didn’t notice any frame drops at all during my time with it. With the port still managing to have a striking visual experience, I wouldn’t worry about graphics in the slightest.

    [Easy Input Controls]

    The special move list in training mode showing easy input and motion versions

    Just like Granblue Fantasy: Versus, DNF Duel allows you to do easy-input versions of special moves. That’s right! You don’t have to worry about doing the motion inputs for special moves. For Nintendo Switch users, this is really good news! It makes it very easy on the Switch’s D-Pad and allows you to do combos with ease. Inputting an easy input special move requires you to press a direction along with a button. Look at the move list for your respective character in training mode and try some out!

    [Fast Loading Times]

    The loading screen of DNF with Berserker and Vanguard on it

    Whether you’re starting up the game for the first time or switching between modes, the loading times are relatively quick. You can jump straight into the action without having to wait around for the game to load. This makes it a great option for gamers who want a fast and smooth experience. You can enter training mode within a minute, making it convenient for practicing combos on the go. Overall, this is definitely a port that you won’t have to wait around to play.

    [Local Match]

    The list of modes you can participate in, with Local Mode being hovered over

    The Switch version of DNF Duel has a specific feature called, “Local Match”. This mode allows you to play with friends locally through your own Switches. To explain, in “Free Battle” you can play against another friend, but they would need to connect their controller. This is pretty much how it always has been in fighting games. However, for the Switch port of DNF Duel you can play each other without needing to connect controllers. All it takes is for the both of you to have a Switch. Once someone hosts a local lobby, you can join and fight on!

    [Does Not Have Rollback Netcode – 1/2]

    Crusader being chained up in Inquisitor's ultimate move

    Despite the great benefits of the port I mentioned above, it does not have rollback netcode for its online. The DNF Duel website had already made this news clear in a Q&A. The game instead supports a delay-based netcode.

    For those who are not sure what rollback netcode is, I can explain. Simply put, rollback netcode is a crucial component for ensuring smooth and stable online play in fighting games. Rollback netcode is a type of networking technology that is used in some fighting games. When playing online, it mitigates the effects of latency and lag. Essentially, it works by predicting what will happen in the game based on player inputs. From there, it rolls back the game state if there is a difference between what was predicted and what actually happened. This ensures that the game remains responsive and consistent. In situations where players have different levels of latency or are playing far away from each other, this is important.

    The game essentially uses a delay-based netcode without rollback. In this type of netcode, players may experience input delay or dropped inputs. This can make it difficult to execute combos, react to your opponent, or even just enjoy the game in general.

    [Does Not Have Rollback Netcode – 2/2]

    DNF Duel Crusader

    Having said that, if you really want to have the best online experience in this port, buy a LAN adapter. Simply connect your LAN adapter to an ethernet cable, then connect the other end of the cable to your router.

    A wired connection is just more stable than wireless. On a wireless connection, you will experience lots of packet loss. This can cause massive delay or lag, which is not good for a genre like fighting games. 

    Overall, if you take the online experience seriously in fighting games, use an ethernet cable. That way, you can perform at your best and enjoy the game to its fullest potential.

    DNF Duel Goes Portable: What To Expect


    DNF Duel

    The Switch port of DNF Duel is really impressive. Great graphics, comfortable controls, fast loading times, and unique features are integral for fighting games. When considering purchasing, do remember that the game does not have crossplay between platforms. It runs fantastically on Switch, but there could be issues in the future with player counts online. Despite not having rollback netcode, I think there is at least a lot to offer in terms of offline play. When it comes to DNF Duel going portable, there is a lot to expect here. 

    DNF Duel for the Nintendo Switch is available now! You can check out the title here.

    Arc System Works provided Final Weapon with a Nintendo Switch key of DNF Duel for this coverage.

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