Final Fantasy XVI Details Hideaway, Harpocrates, and More

    An expanded look into some of the game's side content.

    Square Enix revealed new details about side content and features in Final Fantasy XVI including the Hideaway, Harpocrates the Loresman, and much more. The official theme song for Final Fantasy XVI was also revealed by game producer Naoki Yoshida near the end of the April 13 State of Play showcase.

    The Hideaway

    In Final Fantasy XVI, Clive’s Hideout, also known as the Hideaway, serves as the main base camp throughout the entire game. Clive and his party may prepare for battles by crafting items or undergoing further training. Further, a variety of side quests may be accepted in Clive’s Hideout. Clive may also accept Mob Hunts from the Hunt Board, which is where the trusty Moogle usually hangs out. 


    Loresman Harpocrates

    Final Fantasy XVI players may interact with Loresman Harpocrates and Vivian Ninetales in the Hideaway. Harpocrates studies the history and customs of Valisthea while researching the local climate, folklore, religion, and traditions. He’s very curious about Clive and stories from his adventures throughout Valisthea. Clive may share his past experiences with Harpocrates, which will give the researcher more knowledge about the world. Harpocrates’ Thousand Tomes will keep records of his knowledge as players continue to share their own knowledge with the researcher. 


    Vivian Ninetales

    Vivian Ninetales is a military scholar that is well versed in the affairs of the countries of Valisthea. As another resident of the Hideaway, Vivian gives Clive lectures throughout the story. With Vivian’s help, players may explore the details of character relationships and the state of the world during specific time periods. Like Hippocrates, Vivian’s knowledge should prove to be highly valuable. 

    Vivian Ninetales

    Following the State of Play showcase, Square Enix shared a one-minute sample of “Tsuki Wo Miteita – Moongazing”, the official theme song of Final Fantasy XVI. The theme song of Final Fantasy XVI is written and performed by Kenshi Yonezu. Special messages from Yonezu and Yoshida may be read here.

    Lastly, Final Fantasy XVI launches on June 22 for PlayStation 5 worldwide. 

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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