RPG Maker Unite Delayed Until Further Notice

    RPG Maker Unite's second delay.

    Gotcha Gotcha Games announced the upcoming release of RPG Maker Unite in the Unity Asset Store has been delayed until further notice. Originally, the Unity Asset Store version of RPG Maker Unite was supposed to launch on April 6, 2023. 

    According to Gotcha Gotcha Games, the release of RPG Maker Unite was delayed as a necessary step to further improve overall quality and stability. RPG Maker Unite is delayed indefinitely, and more details will arrive at a later date. Gotcha Gotcha Games apologizes to fans eagerly looking forward to the next installment in the RPG Maker series. RPG Maker Unite is also coming soon to PC via Steam, and a new release date was not announced.

    Here’s an overview of the game via the official Steam page:

    Announcing RPG Maker Unite – An Ambitious Project to use Unity for the next RPG Maker installment!

    At Gotcha Gotcha Games, it is our sincerest wish to help aspiring game developers to create their own games without the many hurdles of game development. RPG Maker Unite is our latest endeavor to this mission.

    RPG Maker series has always been known for its easy-to-use eventing system and user-friendly interface. We decided to up the ante further by using the great features of the highly popular Unity engine!

    With RPG Maker Unite’s codeless system and Unity’s powerful features, the RPG of your dreams is closer than ever!

    What is “Maker series”?

    The Maker series are game development software that dates as far back to the 1990s. We released multiple engines fitting different developer needs such as RPGs, Visual Novels, Action Games, and so on. While the past Maker titles were standalone software, we believe that with Unity’s capabilities and our 30 years of experience in making visually forward engines, we can provide an experience that makes the game development process so much easier!

    Major Features:
    • Create RPGs without coding! – With RPG Maker series’ powerful command system and editable parameters, users will be able to rapidly create systems without any sort of coding knowledge!
    • Beautiful resources to make compelling games! – Streamline your game development process further with our library of assets! From audio, characters, enemies, world biomes, and more, you can create a game immediately!
    • An enhanced Map Editor! – Want to improve your maps further than before? RPG Maker Unite will also feature support for pre-rendered backgrounds and large map objects. Elevate your game’s presentation with our new tools!
    • Featuring an established and versatile Database System! – RPG Maker Unite, like its predecessors, will also provide a premade database that is necessary to create an RPG! It will include Character stats and classes, items, abilities, monsters and so much more! You can customize and add your entries to stand out!
    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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