‘Lo-fi’ Visual Novel ghostpia Season One Launches in 2023 for Switch and Steam

    A utopia for ghosts?

    PQube announced “lo-fi” visual novel ghostpia Season One launches in 2023 for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. The upcoming visual novel includes all five episodes of Season One in one package. 

    ghostpia Season One launches first in Japan on March 23 for Nintendo Switch. The Japanese release supports both English and Japanese for those wanting to purchase the game directly from the Japanese Nintendo eShop.

    Here’s an overview of ghostpia via PQube:

    A utopia… for ghosts?

    They say this is an ideal town, a true utopia for ghosts…but is it really? Can you really call this place a utopia? More than anything Sayoko longs to return home, but that may prove harder than it seems. With forgotten memories to recover and a mysterious girl to investigate Sayoko has her hands full.​

    Lo-fi picture book aesthetic 

    ghostpia is a visual novel with a vibrant lo-fi aesthetic that looks like a picture book, inspired by nostalgia and adorned with glitches and noise. Follow Sayoko’s captivating story as she searches for answers in this isolated town, surrounded by a vast desert of snow and unable to fit in with the ghostly atmosphere.​

    Enjoy a rich cinematic experience with 100% pure narrative gameplay to fully immerse yourself in ghostpia’s deep story.

    Key Features
    • Kinetic gameplay – No branching routes or quick-time events, ghostpia is designed for you to sit back and sink into the storyline, enjoying it like a movie 
    • Dynamic Visual Novel – Explore a story filled with movement, animation and beautiful sounds that elevates the traditional visual novel experience. Full of intense emotion and themes of friendship, loneliness, and an endless revival
    • Beautiful soundtrack and sound effects – the gentle music crafts the atmosphere of this snowy ghost town, drawing you into its world 
    • A dazzling Lo-fi aesthetic – picture book styled illustrations and the option to turn glitch effects on or off
    • An isolated town – separated from the world by snow, this is a town where immortal “ghosts”, people who are unable to die, reside 
    • Lovable Characters – ghostpia is filled with strange and interesting characters, from the protagonist Sayoko to the mysterious Yoru
    • Coming West for the First Time – Originally released on mobile and web browsers only in Japan
    • A story of friendship – the struggles of friendships are the core of ghostpia, as Sayoko struggles to accept people into her life 
    • A brand-new version of the game – with new music, higher resolution illustrations and more complex animations
    • Includes the complete five episodes of ghostpia Season One
    Announcement Trailer

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