Touhou Shinsekai: Longing for an alternative world Launches July 13 for Switch in Japan

    Launching later for PS4 and PS5.

    Marvelous and Ankake Spa announced Touhou Shinsekai: Longing for an alternative world launches July 13 for Nintendo Switch in Japan. The PC (Steam) version launches the following day, July 14, in Japan. 

    The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of Touhou Shinsekai: Longing for an alternative world will be released at a later date. Further, the Nintendo Switch version will be sold physically and digitally, whereas the PC and PlayStation versions are digital-only. A Touhou Shinsekai: Longing for an alternative world Limited Edition will be sold for 7,980 yen featuring the Nintendo Switch physical copy, special box depicting an illustration by benitama, an original arrange soundtrack CD, and a visual book featuring artwork by benitama, shu-halle, and more.

    Touhou fans may also pay a premium for a Marvelous Shop Exclusive Set of Touhou Shinsekai: Longing for an alternative world for Nintendo Switch. The Marvelous Shop Exclusive Set includes the Limited Edition, a Yukari Yakumo B2-size blanket (515mm x 728mm) and acrylic character figure (W103mm x H150mm, stand: W60mm x H40mm). This premium edition costs 13,178 yen (Thanks, Gematsu). 

    Here’s an overview of the upcoming title: 


    Deep in the mountains of Japan, there is a land called “Gensokyo” isolated from the world by barrier about 130 years ago.

    Reimu and Mariasa were living a peaceful live there, but were blown outside the barrier by a strange phenomenon and wandered into an unfamiliar city.

    There they met a girl named Touko, who possesses supernatural powers and yearns for Gensokyo.

    Was this encounter by chance? Their everyday lives are about to change in a big way…

    • Skill Panel – Use skills to accumulate experience and make them stronger. Whether you master a number of skills or just one is up to you.
    • Blacksmith – You can repair equipment at Kogasa Tatara’s blacksmith shop. By repair your equipment, its performance will change randomly. Aim for the strongest option.
    • Nitori’s Machine – You can strengthen your character by entering Nitori Kawashiro’s special strengthening capsule. Collect stones to strengthen your character as you like.
    Official Trailer

    Lastly, Touhou Shinsekai: Longing for an alternative world is coming soon to the west via publishers Marvelous and XSEED Games.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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