The King of Fighters Allstar Adds Leona and Luong from KOF XV

    Experience Luong's story and challenge a new dungeon.

    Netmarble and SNK announced Leona and Luong from The King of Fighters XV are available now in The King of Fighters Allstar. Players may also participate in brand-new events features Leona and Luong. 

    The latest update for The King of Fighters Allstar adds the new Clandestine Operation event, which focuses on the story of Luong. A brand-new challenge dungeon is also available after players obtain XV Leona or XV Luong. Further, a new time attack challenge is available to complete for various rewards.

    Here’s an overview of the new update via Netmarble:

    Leona and Luong Join The King of Fighters Allstar

    This new game update features two new playable fighters that players can choose for battle. XV Leona (Blue Element /Attack type) fighter has a leader skill that increases Blue Element fighters’ attack and Critical Damage percentage. Meanwhile, her special skill grants Leona the Burning Spirit effect for a period upon use. Each Burning Spirit increases a fighter’s attack speed, Critical hit chance, critical damage, and finish skill damage by a certain level, so make sure to get your team pumped up with the spirit to win the fight!
    XV Luong (Green Element/ Attack type) also joins the fight in this new update. His leader skill increases Extreme fighters’ Attack by a certain rate, and male fighters critical damage by a percentage, passively. His special skill decreases an enemy’s attack and defense by a percentage, and increases damage done to enemies, making him the perfect foil to team compositions focusing on buffing parties. Get in there and ruin their plans!
    New battle cards(Special/Option/Set) have been released for XV Leona and XV Luong. Leona’s card increases critical damage percentage for a period when she finishes her special skill, while Luong’s increases critical damage for both himself and allies for a period.

    New Events:
    • Rush Dungeon: Clandestine★Operation: This event focuses on Luong’s story where players can complete stages in different levels and acquire event coins to exchange for various items.
    • Challenge Dungeon: Mission, Complete!: The Challenge Dungeon will be available only after players obtain XV Leona or XV Luong. Upon completion, players are rewarded with BS/SS Fighter Memory Random Boxes, Star/Moon Imprint Stones, and more.
    • Time Attack Challenge: Players will only have a limited time to defeat monsters and the final boss in this furious race to the finish. Once the challenge is completed, rewards include Ruby and growth items – perfect for kitting out your team!

    Lastly, The King of Fighters Allstar is available now for Android, iOS, and PC via Windows.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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