RPG Maker 3D Character Converter Available Now on Steam

    A useful tool before RPG Maker Unite's launch.

    Gotcha Gotcha Games announced the RPG Maker 3D Character Converter tool is available now for $9.99 for PC via Steam. Official RPG Maker VRoid models and parts are currently in production and will be available as a free download at a later date. 

    The RPG Maker 3D Character Converter tool converts VRM models to 2D sprites in a streamlined process. Default character sprite assets in RPG Maker Unite were already converted for players to use. Fortunately, this new RPG Maker tool may be used in existing RPG Maker titles. Furthermore, the tool is compatible with software such as VRoid Studio, and VRoid model templates and custom parts are currently in production.

    Here’s an overview of the tool and what’s coming soon via Gotcha Gotcha Games:

    RPG Maker 3D Character Converter

    Although originally intended to be used for the WIP RPG Maker Unite engine, the converter mini-app has many export resolution options that allow it to be used for existing RPG Makers titles as well. By releasing this app right during the currently running RPG Maker Festival 2023 Steam event, Gotcha Gotcha Games wishes to provide RPG Maker users with a means to quickly create new game assets and make game development more fun. 

    Simply import VRM models and select the desired frames to be retained, and output with mere mouse clicks.



    *VRM: A platform-independent file format designed for use with 3D characters and avatars in the VR era. (Please refer to the VRM Consortium for details)

    Use in Conjunction with Popular VRM Generation Apps Such as VRoid Studio or VRM Models Purchased Commercially! 

    The RPG Maker 3D Character Converter is compatible with any humanoid-type VRM models. As such, users can either create their own models using modeling software or generation apps such as VRoid Studio, as well as downloading/purchasing off the shelf from sharing sites such as VRoid Hub and various asset selling platforms* to be used for 2D sprite conversion. It is greatly encouraged that users try many models to make a more varied, vivid game world.

    VRM models made by various commercial apps or modeling software can be imported without issues. The above is an example made with VRoid Studio



    RPG Maker series default assets are designed at 2-3.5 head height (aka Chibi) proportion. To use higher head heights, modification to the RPG Maker engine may be necessary to make it look more natural.

    *Please check the terms and conditions of use set by the author before using models purchased from a third party.

    RPG Maker Official VRoid Model Template and Custom Parts in Production – Will be Distributed for Free!

    To help users create VRM models more easily, Gotcha Gotcha Games has also announced their work on producing 3.5-heads proportion model templates and custom parts for use in VRoid Studio. Users can edit these models in VRoid Studio and export as their own VRM models. Users are free to use these models, so long as they are used for game-creation purposes, in any game engine. The data will be available in a body template (known as bodysuit) and various parts and be mix-matched where necessary. The VRoid data will also come in VRM format as sample models.

    Users can use VRoid Studio to edit the RPG Maker Official VRoid models to make their own creations.

    Below are some of the announced example screenshots and 2D sprites converted by the RPG Maker 3D Character Converter:

    There has always been great demand in the RPG Maker community wanting a way to make many NPC variations quickly. As such, the official VRoid data focused on categories such as seniors, soldiers, children, and villagers.


    Specifications for Steam Version (Requires a Steam account and the Steam Client app to run.)
    • MSRP:$9.99 USD
    • Minimum Spec:
      • OS:Microsoft Windows® 10 (64bit) or newer / Mac OS 10.13 or later
      • CPU:Intel Core i3-4340 or later
      • RAM:8GB or more
      • Storage:170MB or more
      • Graphics:OpenGL Compatible / VRAM 1GB or more
      • Display Resolution:1980×1080 or more
    • Steam URL:
    • Supported Export Resolution:
      • 2D Walking Sprites(5 types): 48×48 / 64×64 / 128×128 / 256×256 / 96 x 146 (RPG Maker Unite default spec)
      • 2D Side-View Battle Sprites (18 types): 64×64 / 320×320 / 512×512 / 194×194 (RPG Maker Unite default spec)
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