Five Budget Indie Titles to Buy on 3DS before the eShop Closes

    Some great titles to check out before the eShop closes its doors.

    Next month, the 3DS and Wii U eShops close permanently. The 3DS eShop launched all the way back in 2011 and has had a variety of great games on it. Some have already been removed from the eShop partly due to licensing issues but there are many great games still available. The 3DS had some great indie games released on it. The 3DS has some games available for cheaper than their Switch counterparts. This is particularly true with indie games. Here are five of my favorite budget indie titles on 3DS.


    Fairune 3DS

    Fairune is a short, top-down, real-time RPG where you damage enemies simply by walking into them. This gameplay element is similar to Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished, which was released for the Sega Master System in 1989. The graphics are charming and colorful with great sprite artwork. The story is basic but structured well, and does give the player the motivation to find out what happens next. There are simple puzzles and a good enemy variety in the game.

    Overall, the sound, gameplay, and graphics all come together to create a really fun, great little game. The title is really short, at about 3 hours, but at this price, you can’t really expect much more. Fairune is also available on Switch and other platforms, and there’s a sequel, Fairune 2 which is also available on 3DS.

    Cave Story 

    Cave Story 3DS

    Cave Story, the seminal 2004 Metroidvania, was developed by Daisuke Amaya over a period of five years. It has a sprawling map, with secrets and upgrades to discover. The pixel 16-bit artwork is well done and helps to create a nice atmosphere. It really is a great experience, probably one of the best Metroidvanias that I’ve ever played, and has a deep story as well.

    The version on the 3DS eShop is really cheap in comparison to the Switch version. It’s more akin to the original PC release. There is also a 2.5D full retail remake release on the 3DS. However, that version isn’t available on the eShop and has become pretty rare, so is expensive. Overall, Cave Story is a great indie Metroidvania and because it’s cheaper on 3DS than most other systems, it’s definitely worth picking up.


    Xeodrifter 3DS

    Xeodrifter, the second Metroidvania on this list, is available on most other current hardware, but on 3DS is cheap, and also boasts the stereoscopic 3D effect, which works really well. This feature is unique to the 3DS version since no other hardware has the stereoscopic 3D feature. Xeodrifter uses colorful 8-bit style sprites and its gameplay is well structured, with many boss fights (although the bosses are variations on the same creature). The game is also quite difficult and will take you a while to complete 100%. Just finishing the story will take 6 hours, which at this price is decent.

    The sound and graphics of Xeodrifter are good, but the story is minimal. Overall, it’s a really fun, satisfying experience. The game has the player character traveling to different planets and in traditional Metroidvania style, the player finds upgrades that give them access to new areas.

    Weapon Shop de Omasse

     Weapon Shop de Omasse Screenshot 3DS

    Weapon Shop de Omasse is a rhythm game where a forge is simulated where you sharpen and mold weapons for RPG characters that visit the shop to repair their weapons. The story has high production values and is a parody of the vibe of traditional JPGs. The graphics are great, with highly detailed 3D models. 

    The gameplay of Weapon Shop de Omasse is fun if you like rhythm games. Basically, the better you follow the beat during forging, the more durable and higher quality the weapon you are working on will become. This title is a 3DS exclusive at the moment, so when the eShop closes, this game will be gone for good. Pick up this gem if you like the sound of it.

    Fractured Soul 

    Factured Soul

    Fractured Soul is a really interesting, novel platformer. The game has a mechanic that switches which screen is being used and brings certain objects and enemies into a virtual reality where they were otherwise visible but not active. This is done through the use of color. Red and blue colors are used for each of the different ‘realities’. When you press the switch button, the blue items become active and the player has to destroy the blue enemies, obstacles, and vice versa. 

    In terms of platforming the game is quite average, but the gameplay mechanic that I mentioned above, is quite unique and the game’s worth trying out just for that. As far as I know, Fractured Soul is a 3DS exclusive, so when the eShop goes, Fractured Soul won’t be able to be purchased anywhere. Overall, it’s a great take on the platforming genre with a good level of difficulty.

    The 3DS eShop closes on March 27, 2023. If you feel like picking up a great, short, budget experience, pick up one of these titles while you still can!

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