Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony to Skip E3 2023 Show Floor

    The big three seem to be skipping this year's return of E3.

    According to brand new reports from IGN & VGC, it seems that Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation are set to skip E3 2023. The event is scheduled to return for the first time in two years later this June, with an in-person show floor scheduled for the first time since 2019. This shouldn’t be a surprise concerning the latter two companies, as both Microsoft and Sony opted to not have a presence on the E3 2019 show floor.

    This is a surprise for Nintendo, who has served as one of E3’s biggest supporters for quite some time. The company regularly broadcasted a Nintendo Direct presentation each year during the show, which often was one of the most anticipated presentations of the entire event. Nintendo and their presence at E3 are not limited to the show floor, however, so we could see them approach a digital-only presence with a Direct lined up for the event.

    The same can be said for Microsoft, who has already confirmed they plan to share loads of new information regarding their upcoming slate of games during the June period. Phil Spencer expressed loads of support for E3 in an interview last week with IGN, where he dived into why exactly the event is so important to the industry.

    Reedpop, the company behind productions like PAX and Star Wars Celebration, is under a direct partnership with the ESA to put on this year’s E3. Plans for this began to come out around the middle of 2022, with full confirmation released in July. It was later confirmed that the event will take place from June 13 to June 16 this Summer. E3 2023 will feature two separate days and areas for consumers/vendors.

    E3 Business Days will be from June 13 through June 15, allowing registered members of the games industry to connect with publishers, developers, and network with other registered members.

    E3 Gamer Days will be from June 15 through June 16, when the doors will open and allow consumers to try out the latest games and technology.

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