Persona 4 Golden – Game Length, Time to Beat

    The hit JRPG masterpiece will take you some time to finish.

    Persona 4 Golden is finally out on modern platforms! The JRPG classic is one of the best of its kind, offering you an excellent experience remastered. With such a highly praised game, it’s often that many questions surrounding the game’s length come up. Here’s exactly how long it will take you to beat P4 Golden!

    How Long Is Persona 4 Golden?

    If you’re looking to just complete the main story, P4 Golden will take over 70 hours alone. That’s not including any side content, and if you choose to do some it will add plenty of hours. If you choose to complete all of the content that the game has to offer, you’ll be looking at well over 140 hours of content. This is an insane amount of content, which will surely keep you busy for the months to come.

    What Is Persona 4 Golden?

    P4G is an updated version of the original P4 release. This is an enhanced version of the game that added loads of content. There is new story content, new characters, and lots more great features that weren’t found in the original.

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