Persona 3 Portable – How to Fuse Thanatos

    A god of death, under your command.

    The demon Thanatos makes quite an impression during his first appearance in Persona 3 Portable. His jagged metal jaw, long sword, and cape of floating coffins are extraordinary. His violent manifestation is breathtaking, and I spent much of my playthrough of the PS2 original wondering if he was just a part of the story, or if I could summon him and bring him into battle during gameplay. Good news fellow Persona 3 players, Thanatos is very much a usable demon, and we have a guide on how to fuse him.

    Social Link Requirements

    As Thanatos is the ultimate Persona associated with the Death Arcana, you won’t gain access to him until your Social Link in that arcana is complete. The mysterious character Pharos is your Death Arcana Social Link. Unlike other relationships, this one maxes out automatically. Through progressing the story, this Social Link will complete on November 4th. Thanatos can be fused in Persona 3 Portable at any point after this.

    Demon Fusion Requirements

    In the Velvet Room, players will need to blend six demons to fuse Thanatos. The hexagon-spread fusion requires these demons:

    • Ghoul
    • Pale Rider
    • Loa
    • Mot
    • Samael
    • Alice

    Persona 3 Portable, key art of Minata and summoning the demon Thanatos

    Thanatos’ Stats

    As the final Death Arcana Persona, Thanatos is appropriately powerful. His inherent level is 64, with high strength and magic, with agility being his weakest stat. He reflects Dark element attacks, resists slash and strike damage, and is weak to Light.

    His default skills are:

    • Ghastly Wail – Kills all foes inflicted with fear (Comes with this skill when fused)
    • Tempest Slash – Deal heavy slash damage to one enemy (Comes with this skill when fused)
    • Megidola – Deals heavy Almighty damage to all enemies (Comes with this skill when fused)
    • Mahamaeon – Light based, high chance to instantly kill all shadows (Learns at Level 66)
    • 1hSwd Master – Passive skill, Doubles the damage of the protagonist’s attacks with one-handed swords (Learns at Level 68)
    • Brave Blade – Deal severe slash damage to one enemy (Learns at Level 71)

    Thanatos will also grant players with a Skill card for Megidola at Level 73.

    Enjoying laying waste to shadows in Tartarus with your death god and your double damage sword strikes! If you’ve got any other questions about Persona 3 Portable, we’ve got you covered. Check out our review, or other guides for P3P here at Final Weapon.

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