Retro Studios Working On Unannounced Title with Established IP According to Job Listing

    A new title from Retro Studios is in development.

    Spotted by Doctre81, it seems that work is well underway on an unannounced title at Retro Studios. Throughout a series of videos, Doctre has spotted multiple job listings and resumes that have revealed information regarding the other project the studio is working on outside of Prime 4.

    In his first video, a job listing on LinkedIn was spotted with a note on the bottom. It stated that one of the requirements was “prior experience managing 10M or more outsourcing budget on a AAA title”. We know this probably isn’t for Metroid, as there is a block at the top talking about Retro’s work on that game. Even if it could have been, the next pieces of information he found confirmed this is about a new title.

    His second video focuses on a resume he found from a Retro Studios employee. This resume lists they joined Retro Studios in July 2022, with their role being “Writer, Unannounced Nintendo Game”. Metroid Prime 4 has been announced, so it’s clear as day this is indeed a new title we are talking about here.

    His latest video might be the most important one yet. In this job listing, it is stated that “experience with already established IP is a plus”. Why would this be included if they were working on a new IP? To us, it seems that Retro Studios is indeed underway on a new title based on one of Nintendo’s existing IPs. What this could be is anyone’s guess, however.

    For those unfamiliar with Retro Studios, Retro is responsible for the Metroid Prime series, and they are currently in the process of creating Metroid Prime 4. They are owned by Nintendo and act as a first-party studio. Additionally, this is the team behind the Donkey Kong Country titles. Metroid Prime 4 is yet to have a release date, but we expect to hear about it sooner rather than some might think.

    Just what exactly could this new Retro Studios title be? Looking at their past, a new Donkey Kong Country seems like a big possibility. Additionally, maybe Retro is finally going back to The Legend of Zelda after all these years. We’ll have to see, but it’s an exciting time for Nintendo fans.

    What new title would you like to see from Retro Studios? Be sure to let us know on Twitter!


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