Where and When to Watch The Last of Us

    Here's how to catch The Last of Us. No tips on not catching cordyceps, though.

    The hotly anticipated tv show adaptation of PlayStation’s hit game series, The Last of Us, is almost here. Whether you’re a fan of Naughty Dog’s cinematic game franchise or you’re a prestige television enthusiast drawn in by The Last of Us‘ high Rotten Tomatoes (98%) and Metacritic (84) scores, you’ll need to know where and when to watch the show to partake.

    Where to Watch

    As it’s an “HBO Original”, you’ll be able to watch The Last of Us on HBO Max. If you have cable (yes, it still exists) and an HBO subscription, you can watch it on the HBO channel.

    It’s been no secret that The Last of Us is an HBO production; the company has been marketing the show heavily, and both PlayStation and Naughty Dog are surely proud to have their flagship IP adapted by such a prestigious network.

    When to Watch

    The Last of Us has a release date of Sunday, January 15. The show will premiere at 9PM Eastern / 8PM Central. This time applies whether you’re watching on HBO Max or the HBO channel.

    Kicking off the season with an extended runtime, Episode 1 of The Last of Us is 1 hour and 25 minutes long. Episodes of the show will release weekly rather than all at once and will premiere each Sunday until the end of the season. Season 1 will consist of nine episodes.

    What’s Different?

    Starring Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller and Bella Ramsey as Ellie Williams, The Last of Us will retell the story of the first game: Joel and Ellie’s perilous journey across the devastated remains of the United States after a parasitic cordyceps outbreak. While the main plot beats are likely the same, there have been changes to the nature of the fungus (it spreads via tendrils instead of spores) and the story’s timeline (the outbreak happens in 2003 rather than 2013). There are also new characters, expanding the cast of the game.

    Stay tuned to Final Weapon for our review of each episode of The Last of Us as they air.

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