Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Reveals Final Fantasy XIV Tracks

    An impressive tracklist for the February release.

    As part of the celebration of FFXIV Patch 6.3, Square Enix has revealed the Final Fantasy XIV tracks that will be appearing in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line! You can check out the tracklist below, which includes dozens of tracks from Final Fantasy XIV.

    As noticed by some in the comments, the tracklist for Final Fantasy XIV does not cover anything past 5.0, which includes Endwalker. Footfalls, the iconic song that was used in the Endwalker trailer, is not present just yet in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line. We expect these tracks from Endwalker to make their way over eventually, which most likely means they will be paid DLC. The Theatrhythm and Final Fantasy XIV collaboration probably has some more tracks in its future.

    Other Square Enix properties such as The World Ends With You and even Xenogears are set to have tracks in this massive celebration of music. Additionally, NieR fans should be content with a handful of tracks included in Final Bar Line as well.

    As for Final Fantasy XIV, Patch 6.3 was officially released today. This marks one of the final big updates before 7.0, which should release this Fall based on past release schedules. Considering Creative Business Unit III is crafting Final Fantasy XVI as well though, it could very well slip into 2024.

    Theatrhythm Final Bar Line releases on February 16, 2023, on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

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